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Aaron Wajer
Review from Aaron Wajer
6 events 3 reviews

Great Show, would totally go back.

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Jorge Rivera
Review from Jorge Rivera
7 events 3 reviews

Great show, great venue.

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Lori Vardas
Review from Lori Vardas
9 events 3 reviews

Great venue, great performer! Truly magical. Fun for all ages!

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Jeanette Freeman
Review from Jeanette Freeman
8 events 3 reviews

My husband and I went to the 9:30pm. Dennis is very talented and left us in awe over a few tricks. I liked the intimate setting too. Not sure how I'd feel if I paid full price for this however. Either way, very entertaining and we'll done!!

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Review from Debie
10 events 3 reviews

The show was filled with laughter, amazing feats of up close magic and entirely family friendly!! What a wonderful afternoon we had!

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Coral Grinage
Review from Coral Grinage
4 events 3 reviews

The show was excellent! Dennis was magical and engaging! We could have watched him for hours. The show was entertaining and the venue was cozy and comfortable. I took my 72 year old mother and my 10 year old daughter for an afternoon out. We are...continued

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Steven Morrison
Review from Steven Morrison
16 events 3 reviews

Very fun and interesting in the smaller, more intimate setting. The magic was amazing. A great experience.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 3 reviews

We took our 12 year old and she was amazed she got to go up and help out which was why we liked the show. We like that it was intimate enought that everyone there could get involved. I think it lasted an hour and a half and it flew by. It was also...continued

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Review from Debie
10 events 3 reviews

Wow oh Wow!!! What an outstanding show!! Dennis is truly magical and funny. The show is for the whole family and something different to do!! A perfect gift also!

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Review from Kristen
3 events 2 reviews

Amazing intimate show! Every time he finished a trick I was like how did he do that?! The seats are super close up and the show only seats 40 but I stil could never catch him ha! I would recommend to everyone!

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Ricky Perez
Review from Ricky Perez
14 events 2 reviews

Amazing show!! Intimate setting and very interactive with many members of the audience participating in almost every "trick". I say trick because I don't know what else to call it - he tricked us into wondering how the heck he did what he did. I'd...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 2 reviews

Dennis was amazing. The entire show left you wanting more and still wondering, "how did he do that".

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Review from MeMeBJ64
4 events 2 reviews

Dennis Watkins was simply one of the best magician/ mentalist I have every seen!

His slight of hand is an art form that needs to be acknowledged as well as his engaging personality.

The show kept me on the edge of my seat the whole 90...continued

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Jessica Mackinnon
Review from Jessica Mackinnon
4 events 2 reviews

Don't miss this opportunity! It was one of the best things we've ever attended in Chicago. The venue is authentic, an intimate parlour in the beautiful Palmer House and Dennis Watkins is simply amazing! A great night out, plus you can't beat...continued

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Review from Hpof3
2 events 2 reviews

Engaging and surprising

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Review from Kristen
3 events 2 reviews

Everyone should see this show we all kept trying to figure out how did it!

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Mat LaVore
Review from Mat LaVore
2 events 2 reviews

Excellent magic show! Definitely go if you're thinking about it.

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Review from Cindy
37 events 2 reviews

Fabulous! Would recommend for anyone to see this show. So entertaining and enjoyable!

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Cynthia Jackson
Review from Cynthia Jackson
2 events 2 reviews

Great magical experience. Great venue, audience participation makes the experience special. Highly recommend for date night or a family night out!

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Lindsay Combs
Review from Lindsay Combs
5 events 2 reviews

I had been wanting to see this show for some time after reading the reviews on Goldstar and am SO glad I finally went! It's a very intimate show and fun for a date night or to bring the family. It's like being transported back to childhood for...continued

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