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Alexia Durocher
Review from Alexia Durocher
Red Velvet 25 events 10 reviews

i thought he was very good! he didnt stop for 65 minutes straight and was very engaging. peterinos wa a per fect place to eat before and park valet.

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Douglas Riley
Review from Douglas Riley
Red Velvet 11 events 2 reviews

I really didn't find actor funny.

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Review from Judy
61 events 35 reviews

It was amusing. It was different look at the Christmas season from an insider.

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Jeanne Dimick
Review from Jeanne Dimick
38 events 16 reviews

Acting was superb but material was dated. I still enjoyed the show, though.

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Review from anaids00
14 events 8 reviews

Steven Strafford did a great job. He was energetic and enthusiastic. However, the material he had to work with was terrible. The jokes were corny, outdated and just not funny. We chuckled maybe twice during the whole play. In the middle it was...continued

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Review from babs
27 events 5 reviews

A funny real take on Christmas. Loved it. Lots of laughing. Just an hour. So we got to eat near the theater and see Macy’s windows.

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Vicki Rodriguez
Review from Vicki Rodriguez
15 events 5 reviews

Very funny one man play!!!!

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Review from jckbng
13 events 4 reviews

It was ok. Parts were funny, but One Life to Live references were a little dated. The actor was very good!

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Robin Soehl Lenowsky
Review from Robin Soehl Lenowsky
15 events 3 reviews

Enjoyable evening. Nice job.

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Review from marianne
10 events 3 reviews

I thought it would be funnier; definitely did not like reference to special needs people. I can’t even imagine the need to mention a calendar! Actually it was a waste of time at a busy time of year.

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Review from Michale
9 events 3 reviews

This is a fun evening out- great with a group. A little out dated but fun.
Matt Crowle as Crumpet was great- 5 Stars

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Review from Kim
14 events 2 reviews

Does not live up to the “ hilarious observations are more naughty than nice. Brimming "with [David] Sedaris' wicked humor" billing. Personally smiled a few times over a couple of the jokes, the audience around me seemed to feel the same way. It...continued

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Review from Kim
14 events 2 reviews

Just not funny...

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Michael De Groot
Review from Michael De Groot
6 events 2 reviews

This play was performed by an excellent actor and was hosted in a great venue. The actor really did a good job of making us believe that what he was saying was his words from his character - not someone else's. He channeled David Sedaris quite...continued

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Review from Diana
21 events 2 reviews

This was not one of the better adaptations I have seen. The character was not very enthusiastic or caddy, maybe it’s a toned down version for the Goodman... Still, the story is always entertaining.

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Mary E
Review from Mary E
4 events 1 review

A brilliant performance!

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Robert D. Cobb
Review from Robert D. Cobb
4 events 1 review

Boring one person show. Wouldn't waste the time.

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Mike Foran
Review from Mike Foran
1 event 1 review
Charles Arroyo
Review from Charles Arroyo
1 event 1 review

Great Venue ,the show was hilarious , very funny. My wife and i both loved it .

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Carolyn Boykin
Review from Carolyn Boykin
0 events 1 review

Our seats were excellent. The performance was outstanding, well paced and flawless. Not one bit of the humor and wit of the author was lost.

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