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Review from Mary
Red Velvet 94 events 3 reviews

Very creative and saves every thought from my childhood. My 2 grandchildren were with us and they did not wiggle in their seats.

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Herr Vic
Review from Herr Vic
412 events 87 reviews

You may appreciate this performance a bit more if you first take ten minutes to read the Hans Christian Andersen short story from which it's adapted. The pantomime is thoroughly delightful, and they even finish the show with a little song that...continued

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Review from Diann
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Carla Harris
Review from Carla Harris
40 events 6 reviews

I went to this production with eight people. Everyone LOVED it! The actors, costumes, staging, and storytelling were magical. This was the best Christmas production I’ve seen. It was whimsical.

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Stefan P.
Review from Stefan P.
81 events 3 reviews

Fantastic! A masterpiece!

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Review from sjb2414
8 events 3 reviews

Original, highly imaginative, visually stunning, beautifully acted. Remarkable performance.

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Lillian Zilban
Review from Lillian Zilban
15 events 2 reviews

such a great show! so unusual and beautiful performance!

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Review from Lora
8 events 2 reviews

This was an incredible performance. I took my kids and grandkids along with my mom and everyone loved it! I would highly recommend this show.

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Laurentiu Murg
Review from Laurentiu Murg
1 event 1 review

Excellent mise en scène, excellent actors and acting, very good plot, really amazing. An unforgettable romantic experience

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Review from DTN
10 events 1 review

I wouldn't recommend it for the kids audience. It was different. I am sure the actors very talented, but didn't care at all for this type of production.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 1 review

It was a very nice play

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Review from Bernie
12 events 1 review

It was absolutely delightful. I'm a big fan of Mary Zimmerman's plays. I was not disappointed. The play is very creative. The music enhanced the performance. Can't wait for her next play.

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Elena Rechtin
Review from Elena Rechtin
2 events 1 review

It was visually beautiful and very cleverly put together. It was a lovely show, from acting to set...

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Susan Krause
Review from Susan Krause
4 events 1 review

One of the best productions ever!

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Jacklyn Pepoon
Review from Jacklyn Pepoon
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Galina Shneyderman
Review from Galina Shneyderman
6 events 1 review

This production is nothing short if amazing! Perfect for the Holiday family entertainment.

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Review from 36Jenn
18 events 1 review

We loved the inventive and magical revision of the Hans Christian Andersen story about the little tin soldier and his beautiful ballerina. From the eye popping opening through the point where mischief sets him off on a journey, we were engrossed...continued

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Michael Orth
Review from Michael Orth
1 event 1 review

You can't go wrong. Every seat at the Looking Glass theater is great. The show was amazing!

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