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Zbigniew Ziggy Malecki
Review from Zbigniew Ziggy Malecki
Red Velvet 554 events 58 reviews

incredibly inventing staging with perfect execution by the entire ensemble!!!

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emily charles
Review from emily charles
134 events 77 reviews

the trapdoor theater company always does interesting plays and this was no exception.
written in 1938 it is sad how relevant it remains today. the point is that if there is anyone different in your society they must be gotten rid of and that...continued

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Ralph Boyd
Review from Ralph Boyd
123 events 24 reviews

Trap Door always puts on something interesting. Quality material and imagination. Many large well funded companies have forgotten this.

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Arthur Livingston
Review from Arthur Livingston
50 events 17 reviews

A typically bad attempt to modernize without adding any insight. In fact, all the shouting made the drama secondary to the presentation, which is not the way to go about performing a classic play. I love this play, but when will some of these...continued

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Phyllis Pearlman
Review from Phyllis Pearlman
41 events 10 reviews

Acting was amazing but subject matter repetitive and boring. I just didn't like the play itself but the direction and the actors were fantastic. Loved the way they broke into song once in a while.

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Deb Granite
Review from Deb Granite
14 events 5 reviews

the best place to see European theory
White Plague was very well done. politically relevant.

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