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Sharon Hamilton
Review from Sharon Hamilton
251 events 75 reviews

One of the most powerful, moving, transcendent plays I have ever seen. Masterful in every way. The only thing I regret about this 80-minute production is that it did not last longer because I wanted it to just keep going on and on.

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Maria Stare
Review from Maria Stare
40 events 23 reviews

Excellent. A few minutes of empathy with some laughs. A heart to heart sensitive encounter of souls in desperate moments. Excellent acting. Marvelous play.

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Yvette Marie
Review from Yvette Marie
55 events 16 reviews

Interesting play. Some stories/letters were more captivating than others. The actors were good. Got me curious to read the book.

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Sue Mcguire
Review from Sue Mcguire
17 events 8 reviews

Thought we would be seeing Nia Vardalos, as her picture is on the Playbill and on all of the advertising. I believe this is called false advertisement. Thought we would be seeing a light hearted, funny play..quite disappointed. Didn't realize we...continued

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Lori Grifo
Review from Lori Grifo
47 events 3 reviews

This was wonderfully written and acted. A poem for the human experience.

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Penny Katz
Review from Penny Katz
16 events 2 reviews
Michael Scharber
Review from Michael Scharber
2 events 1 review

Amazing show - very moving.

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Review from KCM
3 events 1 review

Beautiful set, great cast, great direction, solid writing.

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Pamela Brand
Review from Pamela Brand
1 event 1 review

I was captivated by the wonderful acting. This play conveys human suffering and vulnerability so honestly. It also demonstrates the.power and value of human connection, responsiveness and compassion in light of suffering. The integration of...continued

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Roseann Adams
Review from Roseann Adams
1 event 1 review

This play was fabulous! It was beautifully performed by all the cast and Janet Brooks managed to make every moment powerful, heartfelt and real. There were moments of laughter and moments of tears and throughout the play, there was truth about...continued

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Lorraine Williams
Review from Lorraine Williams
2 events 1 review

Truly wonderful. If the play is true to the book, I will be grabbing a copy of that because this play holds so many jewels of humor and insight and wisdom that one could refer back to at many different points in life. All of the actors were great....continued

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