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Michelle Mcdonald
Review from Michelle Mcdonald
66 events 31 reviews

Good play with raw emotions from the actors. These 2 brothers are the polar opposite of each other.

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Chuck Stransky
Review from Chuck Stransky
22 events 16 reviews

The actors were quite good. A brilliant script! The set was, as always, dazzling!

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Wilma Butler Simmons
Review from Wilma Butler Simmons
29 events 15 reviews

Curiously different sorry! I heard some of the discussion after the play. It clarified one of the strange elements but you should be able to see a production and understand the message of what you see.

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Kim Reed
Review from Kim Reed
52 events 9 reviews

Tight excellent production with a spot on cast. Now the brothers are African Americans in conflict. The second act is disturbing and one of the most powerful experiences in recent Chicago theater.

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Phoegina Brown
Review from Phoegina Brown
25 events 3 reviews

The play was excellent!

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Dean Dahlgren
Review from Dean Dahlgren
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This production falls way short of the power and authenticity of the original. If you’ve seen Malkovich, Metcalf and Sinise or can even imagine them in these roles this is a painful watch. I saw it in previews so it’s likely improved, but it had a...continued

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Review from Kristi
15 events 2 reviews

It was another outstanding performance at the Steppenwolf theatre. The intense , complex sibling relationship was portrayed well by the two brothers. The Set design was authentic ‘true west ‘ ......

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John Hall
Review from John Hall
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The production was...ok. The sense of danger that was crucial to the play was not present the night I attended.

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Deana RB
Review from Deana RB
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amazing acting and production—we completely enjoyed.

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Chrystal Caruthers
Review from Chrystal Caruthers
9 events 1 review

Great story of sibling rivalry and the effects of out of touch parenting. Great seats even though one part of the stage was blocked for one scene behind a curtain (Row G Seat 3). I would use Goldstar again as the price was right for an impromptu...continued

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