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Review from Harmon
Red Velvet 95 events 69 reviews

An enjoyable play. It was a little disconcerting at first having a black guy play Peter Wimsey, but he pulls it off. A couple of fine performances, particularly Bunter & Wimsey's mother. Watching Bunter, it clicked on me that the Wimsey/Bunter...continued

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Review from Rob
58 events 53 reviews

Really well done. Sharp, witty writing and strong actors made this production shine. A really enjoyable experience. I laughed out loud several times. Highly recommended.

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Rob Bender
Review from Rob Bender
80 events 31 reviews

Excellent staging and set design. Great "Who Done It" mystery set in 1920s Britain with exceptional British prose and verse. Very fast paced, entertaining and funny show

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Review from jbaron
91 events 31 reviews

Staging was inventive and great for a small space. Costumes were appropriate. Play was fun

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Double D
Review from Double D
60 events 31 reviews

Whose Body at LIFELINE THEATRE CHGO. The coool air flow made me move from my very good Goldstar front row seat to the upper level where I realized why they put blankets on back of each seat_ forgot since i havent been there over a year. PLAY-- ...continued

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Lori Mulligan Davis
Review from Lori Mulligan Davis
38 events 14 reviews

Saw the first preview and wouldn't change a thing. Each actor embodied Dorothy L. Sayers's amazing characters. Lord Peter Wimsey, one of the truly great fictional characters, is hard to get right. Yet, William Anthony Sebastian Rose II captures...continued

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Julie Schum
Review from Julie Schum
61 events 13 reviews

Fantastic show as always with this theater. Great staging, excellent acting, and a solid adaptation

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Review from jsmith_tweets
16 events 12 reviews

It was hard to understand the main character eith the English accent. Although the actors were good, we thought this was boring. The theater was very cold inside. They do provide blankets though. I put the blanket over me and fell asleep during...continued

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Rebecca Braithwaite
Review from Rebecca Braithwaite
40 events 12 reviews

I’ve began attending children’s performances at Lifeline Theatre when my daughter was 5 - 30 years ago. Now I find myself going drawn to the theatre weekday evenings for more adult fare. The current play, “Whose Body?” was such a fun evening of...continued

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Review from Sarah
43 events 9 reviews

The acting was great, and the set was incredible! I am going to see it again...

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Review from Sandi
19 events 9 reviews

While the concept was appealing, the execution was not. The script was convoluted, possibly due to the inability to hear and/or understand some of the words. The fast-paced talking, with an accent, was often indiscernible. While a few in the...continued

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Review from kaz
36 events 4 reviews

The play was very funny at times and well-acted. It could do with a bit of scene editing. The play ran rather long and several scenes really didn't add much to the story.

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Review from julieake
27 events 4 reviews

The quintessential English murder mystery expertly presented by an outstanding cast.

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Jennifer Jacobs
Review from Jennifer Jacobs
22 events 4 reviews

This was honestly my very first encounter with the character of Lord Whimsey and I was honestly astonished to find out that he's a classic detective character that has been around for decades. I loved it and had a great time. The actors were great...continued

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Patricia Gomez
Review from Patricia Gomez
12 events 2 reviews

Great show! The acting was superb!!!

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Review from Haifarose
3 events 1 review

Great actoring and beautiful and ingeniousset!

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Review from J
18 events 1 review

Great cast, beautiful sets and fun storyline.

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Mia Calamari
Review from Mia Calamari
1 event 1 review

Great play, cool theater.

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Rob Lloyd
Review from Rob Lloyd
7 events 1 review

The play was amazing and Lord Peter played by William Rose II was superb and brought so much charisma and passion to the role! What a great play!

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