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Talmadge Sansom
Review from Talmadge Sansom
10 events 1 review

One of most enjoyable entertainment experiences. Little, if any complaints or disappointments.

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Pinkie Scarborough
Review from Pinkie Scarborough
3 events 1 review

Really recommend the WinterJazz Club cozy place music was phenomenal. Alysa was the bomb did a tribute to Dinah Washington you can tell she enjoys doing this and studied this vocalist, Thanks Alysa and the Allgood Quartet, and the drinks wow was...continued

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Robert Dirks
Review from Robert Dirks
3 events 1 review

Tammy McCann's performance was advertised as a Christmas Concert. For those who expected a selection of jazz tempo holiday tunes, her show was a disappointment.

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Teri Keifer
Review from Teri Keifer
1 event 1 review

Tammy McCann Quartet was terrific - could listen to her all night. Full house - good drinks - just a great evening.

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Diane Kuhn
Review from Diane Kuhn
1 event 1 review

Thanks to GROUPON we found Goldstar to purchase a ticket for this quaint place in Chicago! It is an intimate place to listen to live Jazz music. My daughter loved her drink, which was a bit pricey-but it is Chicago and a live music venue- she...continued

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Cathy Flowers
Review from Cathy Flowers
6 events 1 review

The atmosphere is really nice and the performance was awesome!

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laura watson
Review from laura watson
3 events 1 review

The bad first: they have undisclosed pricing on drinks. They publicize their $10/person minimum. When I ordered an $11 whiskey with one ice cube, the bill came as $14 for a "neat" pour. Neither the menu or the wait staff mentioned this with the...continued

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Elizabeth Putnam
Review from Elizabeth Putnam
1 event 1 review

The band was phenomenal!! I really wish the club served some sort of food, even a cold cheese plate or some sort of munchies. Beautiful venue.

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Review from TTAP
4 events 1 review


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Bonnie Greene
Review from Bonnie Greene
1 event 1 review

The Leroy Jones Quintet was incredible! Jones was very personable, talking to the audience and just having a good time. He's a great jazz trumpet player, and his trombonist was awesome -- the two of them together made some great music.

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Cheryl Petschke
Review from Cheryl Petschke
2 events 1 review

The music was great! The atmosphere/ambiance was good. The service was a bit slow and non attentive.
I would go again!

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Aramis A McGlown Sr.
Review from Aramis A McGlown Sr.
2 events 1 review

The performance was amazing. The ambiance of the venue was perfect. We will definitely be back!

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Lavita Jackson
Review from Lavita Jackson
3 events 1 review

The show was great. The venue was very nice,

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Tatiana Padilla
Review from Tatiana Padilla
2 events 1 review

The venue is intimate and classy-- the music was great! -- and the service was professional. Being able to attend with a minor made this spot a hit among the family. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

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Review from ehrnsbt
2 events 1 review

The wait staff was terrific & discreet during the performance.

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Jose Luis Hernandez
Review from Jose Luis Hernandez
4 events 1 review

This place is great the music and the ambiance was great. The drinks wow will definitely go back.

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Kimberly Anderson
Review from Kimberly Anderson
3 events 1 review

This place is phenomenal. The atmosphere is cozy, intimate, and upscale. The drinks were good and strong. The Jazz band was absolutely outstanding. I am looking forward to going back soon.

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Chevez White
Review from Chevez White
1 event 1 review

This place is fabulous. On the water way, romantic lighting, cozy atmosphere, provides a sophisticated music experience. I highly recommend for dating.

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Old Aunt Betty
Review from Old Aunt Betty
25 events 1 review

Took 16 & 17 year old grandsons and they loved it!

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Review from M3isme
3 events 1 review

Very nice, cozy spot with an awesome line up of live jazz artist! The owner greeted me at the door - (I went to happy hour before the show). Welcoming and friendly staff. Get there early if you can, a line starts 20-35 minutes before show time for...continued

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