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Review from Nancysd
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Very well done. Thought provoking story. Loved it.

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Linda Meehan
Review from Linda Meehan
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Acting was excellent. The play was very humorous.

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Brad Lovelace
Review from Brad Lovelace
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The story dealt with many tough topics in an artful way. I liked the juxtaposition of the young couple with the older couple, and the inclusion of Charlie’s character kept the whole theme from getting to be too heavy. Nicely done; great actors.

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Jerry Pilato
Review from Jerry Pilato
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This is a beautifully staged production and should not be missed. The actors are right on target and the direction is crisp and keeps the action moving along scene by scene. Ninety minutes of solid theatre.

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Review from Lynne
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Very good play with excellent acting

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