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Review from Susan
26 events 17 reviews

The highlight of my summer! It was so beautiful to be out on the Bay and kayaking. The fireworks were great and we could hear a bit of the San Diego Symphony playing at the Embarcadero. The staff that provided the gear were so helpful and...continued

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Douglas Le Clair
Review from Douglas Le Clair
54 events 10 reviews

For the price premium for the night excursion vs the day kayaking tour it wasn't worth it. The highlight was supposed to be viewing the fireworks at the Embarcadero however our guides had us at the Coronado Bridge. By the time the fireworks were...continued

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Review from J K
13 events 9 reviews

This was a beautiful way to see the bay at night and to catch the fireworks at the end of the paddle. It was quite windy before our trip but fortunately the wind died down by the time we were ready to go out so the temperature was really pleasant....continued

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Review from Rosalie
20 events 8 reviews

Great night kayaking tour in the Bay. Water was warm & the views were fantastic. Dress to get wet & make sure you take motion sickness medicine if you need it. The wakes can be pretty rough in some parts. They have lockers & dressing rooms at the...continued

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Isabella Vega
Review from Isabella Vega
38 events 8 reviews

The guides were amazing very informative and funny. Also, the kayaking at night was really relaxing and it was beautiful. I would recommend for anyone who wants to have a wonderful time.

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Decemna Tang
Review from Decemna Tang
21 events 5 reviews

Glad I went because I've never kayaked before. It is a lot harder than I thought! Great view of the fireworks, but wish I was able to hear the Symphony better.

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Jelly Anne
Review from Jelly Anne
9 events 4 reviews

Absolutely LOVED it!! I took my boyfriend who's new to San Diego so he definitely enjoyed it with stunning views of the finest city. Being a local to San Diego, it was my first time going night time kayaking & what better way than to do it with a...continued

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Arman Raguine
Review from Arman Raguine
6 events 3 reviews

Thought it wld be cold as it starts @ 8p but it was not cold at all. There was a little breeze, the water was choppy at times due to the ferry running but there were also times when it was calm. I recommend it. The tour guide it pretty...continued

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Terra Anders
Review from Terra Anders
3 events 2 reviews

Beautiful evening. Nice, helpful and confident staff. Decent equipment. Warmer than I thought it was going to be, so I was pleasantly surprised. Symphony was playing my favorite Rogers & Hammerstein hits and the Padre Stadium fireworks finished...continued

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Gina Gonzo
Review from Gina Gonzo
13 events 2 reviews

It was a great tour...Great for whole family!!!! Only one thing I wish there were showers or somewhere to wash off sand close, I took tour in La jolla they had showers to wash off.

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Steven Mojica
Review from Steven Mojica
4 events 2 reviews

It was so much fun. My boyfriend and I did the 2 person kayak tour. The guides were very pleasant and helpful. This is an easy kayak tour, previous experience is not necessary. And the fireworks ending was awesome.

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Review from Ashley
2 events 2 reviews

People showed up late, so we had to wait for them to get ready. Then our guide told us there might not be fireworks because they didn't hear the symphony playing. Was definitely a damper on the experience! The guide told us some interesting facts...continued

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Sydney Clark
Review from Sydney Clark
7 events 2 reviews

This tour was just okay. We paddled for an hour and then sat in our kayaks and waited for 45 minutes to catch the fireworks.

Our guide wasn't very knowledgeable of the area, so we only got a few fun facts about the Coronado Bridge and the navy...continued

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Gregory Majercin
Review from Gregory Majercin
10 events 2 reviews

We spent more time listening to the tour guide with put paddles out of the water instead of actually paddling the bay. Also, we expected more than a five minute firework show from afar. It would have been better if the tour guide paddles us around...continued

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Torres Lyn
Review from Torres Lyn
2 events 1 review

Great experience! My son and I had so much fun!

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Suzanne Stone
Review from Suzanne Stone
4 events 1 review

Had a wonderful time! Everyone was very friendly. Great way to see the fireworks! We also could hear the symphony. Our tour guides gave us some fun facts about the bridge and the city sky line.

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Marisol hogan
Review from Marisol hogan
2 events 1 review

I really liked the beautiful skyline at night, but I couldn’t really hear the guy giving the tour very well. The fireworks were awesome though! A good little treat for a hard work of paddling for 2 hours.

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Marcus Carter
Review from Marcus Carter
69 events 1 review

Instructors were great and always helpful. We got to ride out past the bridge and back before the fireworks started going off.
Great experience that I would recommend to anyone.

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Gianna Brashears
Review from Gianna Brashears
1 event 1 review

It was super organized and we especially loved Will and all his knowledge on bioluminescence

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Camille Girard
Review from Camille Girard
1 event 1 review

Kayaking was fun, but from the description I thought we would be going actually under/around the bridge and across the water toward the pops. Instead, it is down toward the bridge and back. The guide was knowledgeable and fun, but needs a sound...continued

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