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S. Craig
Review from S. Craig
Red Velvet 433 events 182 reviews

Caveat: We arrived about an hour before the Faire closed, so some of the booths were already shut down. That said, it was "Same-"O"-"Same-"O". Not having been for about 7-8 years, I did notice that gem prices have more than doubled in price. ...continued

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S. Craig
Review from S. Craig
Red Velvet 433 events 182 reviews

We went just 45 minutes before the show was closing. It's been many years since I've been to a show of this type. I'm sure there's a lot for rockhounds to see and all price ranges. I buy such items online on eBay, and for the items I liked, they...continued

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Review from Pepper-J
Red Velvet 46 events 28 reviews

This is a great show if you want to find quality jewelry and gems at lower than retail prices. Be sure to negotiate or ask for a discount. Most vendors are open to discounting.

Parking is abundant at $7 per day and there is no re-entry.

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Review from Nancy
91 events 45 reviews

A really great event for those who love shopping for beads, jewels, and jewelry. Things from all over the world at good prices.

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Review from Nancy
91 events 45 reviews

Always interesting and fun. Lots of things from all over the world.

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Review from Nancy
91 events 45 reviews

Always worth a wander. MANY vendors with every kind of stone imaginable. Even vendors with other products from Napal etc. It's a really fun day out. I highly recommend this event!

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Review from Nancy
91 events 45 reviews

One of my favorite events. Every gem stone I could think of was there to be sold. The fair also has beautiful jewelry from all over the worls at great prices.

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Laurie Davis
Review from Laurie Davis
42 events 34 reviews

Waste of money did not like it one bit. Lots of junk would not attend again

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Review from rockhard
63 events 20 reviews

Great show , both the bands where great , very entertaining

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Review from Beth
24 events 11 reviews

Loved it and bought to much.

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Special K
Review from Special K
26 events 10 reviews

Sorry was not able to go

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Linda Nguyen
Review from Linda Nguyen
70 events 8 reviews

Can become overwhelming as many vendors sell the same items. After purchasing from one vendor, next vendor a few aisles down is cheaper.

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Review from ladybug
19 events 8 reviews

This event is very nice for person's that are into crafts and making their jewelry. They had great bargains on jewelry and beads. We went looking for a specific gem but we did not find it. We did find other things so we did not go home empty...continued

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Review from angelcat
26 events 6 reviews

I love ABT. But they changed Nutcracker too much. The dancing wasn't as good as it usually is. Too much complicated story. Not enough classic ballet.

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Christine Lavine
Review from Christine Lavine
24 events 4 reviews

Always fun! Close parking and some good deals, especially if you like to make your own jewelry!

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Review from DY
5 events 4 reviews

First timer. Compared to Home and Garden Show across the way, this was huge. Lots and lots of vendors from all over California and from other states, but many were offering similar products. There were some vendors that offered unique products -...continued

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Christine Tran
Review from Christine Tran
13 events 4 reviews

Gem faire was spectacular with great vendors. It was our first time attending and we had a good time.

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Lewis Humphrey
Review from Lewis Humphrey
7 events 4 reviews

It was nice to see all the jewels and gems. It was a mother's day gift and she really enjoyed it.

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Mimi D
Review from Mimi D
13 events 4 reviews

Went with my daughter, loved seeing on one side the raw materials used in jewelry and rocks from around the world, and on the other side the "finished products" done so tastefully and creative. We are very glad we went!

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Jackie Johnson
Review from Jackie Johnson
10 events 3 reviews

It was a much larger event than I expected. Lots of quality gems to choose from and outstanding prices. I will definitely attend again and plan to stay much longer!!!

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