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Review from Sparky
Red Velvet 91 events 65 reviews

WOW - what an interesting show! The acting was fantastic, the staging interesting, the use of props being brought in and out was well done, and the writing was fascinating. We read up on the real people afterwards as we were intrigued about this...continued

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Review from KM
Red Velvet 153 events 38 reviews

Acting was superb. The staging was minimalistic for sure, which allowed focus on the message......but I prefer a lil more visualization with props...…

Loved the messaging on life's purpose...……..and what really matters...….

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Review from scangirl
164 events 112 reviews

Well done. Subject is important.The humor done by Watkins is sharp and well timed. Takes a scientific subject and brings humanity to it.

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Review from auntryn
28 events 14 reviews

Did not know how they were going to unfold this story and tell it all under two hours, but it was cleverly done and perfectly cast. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Review from Hollisjaye
64 events 12 reviews

Both heartbreaking and uplifting; strong and sympathetic acting all around.

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Review from lacey
21 events 3 reviews

It helps to know the background of this true story. Scientific competition was strong in 1951 and still is very challenging. A great choice for celebrating Women's month.

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