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The Carnegie
1028 Scott Boulevard Covington, KY 41011
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The first lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender film festival in Kentucky, the Out Film Festival presents works from all across the world. From Iranian animated films to South African documentaries, these films are some of the newest depictions of the LGBT community being produced internationally. Ranging from short films to world premiere events, each of the films will entertain, challenge, and enlighten audience members of all different backgrounds.


Opening Ceremony: 10:00am*

The Sisterhood (South Africa, 52 min.)

Dir. Roger Horn

Hazendal Wine Estate farmhands Pietie, Hope, and Rollie are not your typical South African vineyard workers. Hope aspires to winning the local drag queen pageant, Rollie dreams of a husband and retaining the local drag queen crown, and Pietie struggles with his religious upbringing while obsessing over his roses, chickens, and pigeons. These transgender vineyard workers confront prejudice at every turn, from their own farming community, city transgenders, and the world at large.


Block 1: 1:00pm** – 2:25pm*

Cyclicity (USA)

Dir. Jason Knade

Cyclicity is a girl meets girl love story that explores philosophical themes and contemporary romance while showing the life of a relationship, from beginning to end, from the first hopeful spark of attraction to the painful final goodbyes.

Being a trans-person living in a two-gender society (Belgium)

Dir. Petar Veljacic

World Premiere

Culturally, we are all governed to live in and reproduce two-gender societies, taking a gender role ‘naturally’, assigned by biological sex. Some discoveries disagree.

Meeskeit (USA)

Dir. Neil Needleman

World Premiere

The poignant story of two meeskeits (ugly people) and the beautiful relationship they never really had.

_Animalia _(USA)

Dir. Bart Woodstrup, C. Ryder Cooley

World Premiere

Animalia is an inter-species fairytale about a girl who is disenchanted with the world and wishes she could fly. She joins the circus only to discover it is a secret military operation. She then runs away to the woods and falls under the spell of a mystical deer. When she becomes an antlered deer-creature, she finally achieves flying powers and enters an ethereal world of hybrid creatures.

To Be (USA)

Dir. Philip Neumann

James, a Chinese American Christian, attempts to create an academic and professional future different than what his parents expect. Due to his father’s recent death, pressure is even greater for him, his sister, and his mother, who try to keep order in their lives. However, after his mother finds something in his room, his true sexual identity is revealed.

James Dean (United Kingdom)

Dir. Lucy Asten Elliot

World Premiere

A family day out takes an unexpected turn when young Alex is forced to share her secret.

Block 2:  3:00pm – 4:05pm

The Glitter Emergency (USA)

Dir. Paul Festa

In this silent film comedy set to Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto, Peggy the Peg-Leg Ballerina languishes at home with her evil stepsisters, dreaming of a life on the stage. Dancing Pixies and a violinist in 7-inch platforms pursue her in a screwball chase through the streets of San Francisco that ends in Peggy’s triumphant dance at the ball.

_Fuori Target _(Italy)

Dir. Werther Germondari, Maria Laura Spgnoli

A shooter with a gun is not able to keep his concentration while he is training.


Johnny & Lyman: A Life Together_ (USA)

Dir. Paul Detwiler

The documentary profiles the relationship of Johnny and Lyman, two men who have lived together through tremendous social change—who met on VJ Day, and since then, have never parted.

Bon Voyage (France)

Dir. Pablo Ochoa

Paul and Charles are two teenage friends who have to separate because one of them is moving to another country. The departure day, Paul withdraws himself because of the pain, but for Charles it´s the last chance to confess an important feeling.

White Paper (Iran)

Dir. Seyed Mohsen Pourmohseni Shakib

Six kids of different color try changing the world from a gray world to a colorful world.

Block 3: 6:30pm – 7:30pm

_Henry & Anthony (USA) _

Dir. Spencer W. Richards

Anthony, a carpenter, is deeply bothered by his 9 year-old son’s ‘girly’ tendencies. Concerned about bullying and for the well being of his son, Anthony takes steps to change Henry little by little. Henry, wanting to see his father happy, agrees to many of the changes, oblivious to the fact that he is somehow ‘different’. In order to understand each other, Henry and Anthony must find a way to meet somewhere in the middle.

I Now Pronounce You Husband & Husband (USA)

Dir. Stephanie Donnelly

World Premiere

In 2004, President Bush attempted to pass an amendment banning gay marriage. Afterward, same sex wedding ceremonies occurred in San Francisco, CA. This inspired Jason West, the mayor of New Paltz, NY, to perform twenty-four same sex marriages. The event caused a media sensation and caused West to be criminally charged.

_Still Here _(USA)

Dir. Alex Camilleri

New York City native Randy Baron has been infected with HIV for 30 years, making him an inadvertent witness to the AIDS epidemic. Today, he has given his life new meaning by working to help to prevent the spread of the disease that devastated his life and the lives of his friends.

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