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Rory Patterson
Review from Rory Patterson
Red Velvet 59 events 14 reviews

Powerful, devastating and an incredibly unique piece of theater. A very intense look at a survivor's story.

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Review from Playbillz1
223 events 159 reviews

There are warning placards in the theater but they do this play little justice. This is an incredibly harrowing, emotionally distressing piece of theater like few I’ve ever seen. The short version is that it’s an actress playing the playwright’s...continued

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Julius Galacki
Review from Julius Galacki
177 events 35 reviews

I have very mixed feeling about this show. My wife hated it and said it wasn't a "play" and was a narcissistic exercise by the playwright where it got to dump his guilt on the audience. Personally, I'm still not sure why, rather than a...continued

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EZ therapy
Review from EZ therapy
30 events 22 reviews

This was a very intense show. Survivors of abuse may not want to see it. That being said it was very penetrating and thought-provoking. It leaves a lot of questions unanswered, and blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. Very convincing...continued

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Review from smonmc
28 events 3 reviews

A great performance by a very talented actor cannot save a static play about a fabulist who never "grows" as a result of her experiences.

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Steve Straughan
Review from Steve Straughan
9 events 2 reviews

Amazing acting, set design and lighting!

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Patrick McGowan
Review from Patrick McGowan
5 events 1 review

This is a remarkable piece of theatre. Very difficult subject matter. Masterful performance. Not to be missed.

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Susan Lipman
Review from Susan Lipman
10 events 1 review

This is one of those moments you hope for. When you know you have been given a memory you won't forget. It is powerful and disturbing. Every aspect of the production is outstanding except.....we were invited to stay after the show for a...continued

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Review from KendraCashmore
13 events 1 review

This show was mesmerizing....you must go. It was absolutely captivating, breathtaking, as well as heartbreaking. It was such an experience, and unexpectedly beyond what I had imagined or any "expectations." I am still thinking of it days later.

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