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Roxanne Yahner
Review from Roxanne Yahner
Red Velvet 299 events 133 reviews

The show is perfectly fine but it is directed towards those fascinated by the writing of the Irish writer Samuel Beckett, an academic pursuit that happens to also be entertaining. It certainly showcases Bill Irwin's talents as a well-trained actor!

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Stephen DeCordova
Review from Stephen DeCordova
Red Velvet 92 events 62 reviews

A wonderful show for anyone who loves literate words and/or enjoys clowns! (Knowledge of, or experience with, Beckett is not required.) Bill Irwin is a one-of-a-kind, and very entertaining, genius! Don't miss this opportunity to see him live...continued

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Linda F.
Review from Linda F.
Red Velvet 69 events 29 reviews

Loved everything about it from the theater bar to the interactive discussions and the brilliant performance. All seats are good in this house.

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Review from Nancy
Red Velvet 102 events 20 reviews

On Beckett was superb! I can’t believe that I am in my seventh decade and have never heard of or seen the work of Bill Irwin, a gifted, brilliant actor/performer.

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Review from Alan
47 events 31 reviews

Pure genius.

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Susan Fisher
Review from Susan Fisher
37 events 26 reviews

Bill Irwin was brilliant, profound and funny. I learned a lot about Beckett and felt his work allowed me to experience Beckett in a new way. I loved the way Irwin used his body and his voice to give a full performance. Brilliant clowning!!

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Review from denisenolan
27 events 16 reviews

Irwin lightened up Beckett's writing with comedy in some scenes. His narration helped those who don't know Beckett's writing understand it better.
Because he is a comedian and a clown, the audience laughed at parts that weren't funny.
It was...continued

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music lover
Review from music lover
42 events 8 reviews

Beckett is not easy but worth it, especially when presented by the master Bill Irwin.

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Juliana Gondek
Review from Juliana Gondek
70 events 8 reviews

Superb theater. Irwin. Beckett. What more is there to say?

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Nicholas Hormann
Review from Nicholas Hormann
43 events 6 reviews

For anyone bewildered by the works of Samuel Beckett, or unmoved by his austerity, Bill Irwin provides a spell-binding introduction, unpretentious, charmingly personal, rich in rumination, illumination and anecdote, and performed with mastery....continued

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Dan P
Review from Dan P
13 events 4 reviews

Beautiful performance, and exploration of Beckett’s words. Will encourage you to seek out more.

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Review from silentcaddie
11 events 4 reviews

Bill Irwin is one of the few people to truly earn the designation of "genius" and if anyone can explain the complexities of Samuel Beckett, he's the one to do it. The 90-minute solo performance (with a little help from a delightful little boy)...continued

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Daria Kuuz
Review from Daria Kuuz
48 events 3 reviews
Jacky de.
Review from Jacky de.
5 events 2 reviews

If you love Beckett, you’ll love On Beckett. Bill is a wonder!! Clown tricks included!

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Eileen Salmas
Review from Eileen Salmas
2 events 2 reviews

Watching Bill Irwin perform and listening to his commentary was like having a master class about Samuel Beckett. This is a must see.

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Victor Quiroz
Review from Victor Quiroz
8 events 1 review

A wonderfully entertaining show with great insights from Bill Irwin!

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T Valada-Viars
Review from T Valada-Viars
2 events 1 review

Bill Irwin is wonderful (my One and a half yr old granddaughter is a Mr Wiggles fan). His physical Comedy never fails to captivate. It was my first time at this theatre, I loved how the space enhanced the piece.

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Esther Simon
Review from Esther Simon
3 events 1 review

Great theater. Great price. Great show.

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Review from metaphorce
6 events 1 review

This is a great, not to be missed show. Bill Irwin is a marvellous and unique talent, and this very personal show reveals that he is both the ntellectually and emotionally quite deep and inspiringly insightful.

The Goldstar seats were center...continued

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