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Wendy Goldstar
Review from Wendy Goldstar
52 events 29 reviews

We did see a blue whale which was a sight on my bucket list. Were a few dolphins too. Although we left our start point earlier than we thought we needed to, we barely got to the boat on time because the 5 freeway was backed up for many, many miles...continued

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Review from Melly
36 events 28 reviews

Best whale watching trip I've been on! Narration was very informative and the whales were close. Just wish seating options had been better on the Clemente.

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Alice Marcotte
Review from Alice Marcotte
28 events 27 reviews

I really enjoyed the cruise. Although we didn't see any whales we did see over a 100 Dolphins all in the same area. We spend a lot of time with them. It was great watching them jumping up, diving and running along side us. They put on a good...continued

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Silly Me
Review from Silly Me
21 events 21 reviews

The weather was beautiful. The will call tix were where Goldstar Emailed
they would be. The boat and the crew were friendly and fun.
We saw LOTS for dolphins, porpise and seal lions. No Blue whales,
but we did see pelicans on a fishing frenzy...continued

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Kathi Barnhouse Blanton
Review from Kathi Barnhouse Blanton
61 events 20 reviews

Awesome!!! Did not see any whales, but saw hundreds of dolphins!!! Crew were very nice and informative. Highly recommend.

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Brandon Abbey
Review from Brandon Abbey
37 events 20 reviews

No whales, but a good time and value.

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Brandon Abbey
Review from Brandon Abbey
37 events 20 reviews

no whales, but more dolphins than you could ever count. crew was very hospitable.

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First Woman
Review from First Woman
61 events 18 reviews

Great fun! Lots of dolphins playing right next to the boat!
WEll worth GOldstar's price! :)

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Review from Pearl
130 events 17 reviews

Best time ever! Saw amazing number of blue whales up close. And dolphins. The 2 hours flew by. The boat was very clean and there was room enough to spread out a bit even though we had lots of passengers.

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Review from MYRA
92 events 17 reviews

My friend has motion sickness. The staff was very helpful and friendly. He gave her ginger candy and a towel to keep her warm, We saw over hundread dolphin to swim along the boat and the captain said they like to surf along the wave that generated...continued

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Barbara Bohlig
Review from Barbara Bohlig
28 events 17 reviews

We had the best time on our evening whale watching cruise. We saw one blue whale , and thousands of dolphins! The weather was just right, nice and cool, and the cruise was so smooth.

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Cheryl Thoreen
Review from Cheryl Thoreen
52 events 16 reviews

It was great! We must have seen a thousand dolphins! Will do it again.

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Sue Talafus
Review from Sue Talafus
33 events 15 reviews

We had a fantastic time! Of course it's always better when you see a blue whale. He surfaced about 6 times so we were able to really experience this massive, beautiful animal. We also saw a huge pod of dolphin that swam and jumped right under to...continued

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Review from Melissa
20 events 14 reviews

Best place to see whales, dolphins and sea lions. I have always had a great experience here and have never gone home disappointed.

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Review from Craig
24 events 14 reviews

Great trip. We saw a pod of common dolphin, a pod of bottlenose dolphin, and seven blue whales. The boat was big, nice, clean, and has some bench seats on the upper deck.

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Review from Melissa
20 events 14 reviews

I love going whale watching through Dana Wharf. I have been on other tours in San Diego and they just don't seem to have the professionalism or the wildlife that they do in Dana Point. The staff is always great and Dana Point is just beautiful....continued

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Lori Millerick
Review from Lori Millerick
99 events 14 reviews

I was very relaxing. Not to cold. Not to crowded. It would have nice it we saw more marine life. We saw some seal lions out on the buoys and some dolphins, but no whales, and the dolphins were feeding so all we saw of them was their top fins...continued

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Review from Craig
24 events 14 reviews

It was the usual great trip through Dana Wharf. Free parking. Large, clean boat. There was a storm coming thru later that night, but the sea wasn't bad and we saw 2 whales and a pod of common dolphin.

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Jacqui F.
Review from Jacqui F.
20 events 14 reviews

Nice crew and ship. No whales, but hundreds of dolphins frolicking around the boat. Good deal.

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Melody Charles
Review from Melody Charles
59 events 14 reviews

The weather was great and it was so much fun watching the hundreds of dolpins and seeing the five blue whales. What a beautiful day enoying God's creations.

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