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Review from kaykurtz
81 events 13 reviews

beautiful sunset cruise. many wonderful dolphin.

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Judith Hafdahl
Review from Judith Hafdahl
17 events 13 reviews

We had a great time! The staff was helpful and friendly - it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening!

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Review from Dick
20 events 12 reviews

All 4 family members had a wonderful experience. The narrator was a great source of information that made the trip even more meaningful and educational. We especially liked the way the Captain circled the ocean so the huge pod of dolphins could...continued

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Review from JJansen
39 events 12 reviews

Didn't see any whales but did see tons of dolphins and some sea lions and seals. I enjoyed it. Bring a sweater because it gets windy!

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Review from Mark
16 events 12 reviews

Had a good time. Dana Point is lovely. The sea was a bit rough and got a little sea sick but still enjoyed it. Definitely saw whales and took some great pics.

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Terri N
Review from Terri N
35 events 12 reviews

If it is not 'whale watching' season or the amount of people going is smaller, they use their small boat. This one has relatively nowhere to sit outside. So it is possible you will have to lean/stand the whole cruise. You can call the day of...continued

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Carole Blossom
Review from Carole Blossom
17 events 12 reviews

Took my granddaughters and they enjoyed every minute. We saw lots of dolphins and whales which made the trip a success. I was also thrilled. Having a crew member narrate was educational and interesting. The boat ride in itself was enjoyable....continued

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Joan P.
Review from Joan P.
23 events 11 reviews

Great time!~ Took 2 teen-age boys who liked it more than they thought they would! Saw lots of dolphins who swam right next to the boat and followed 2 huge blue whales! Tour guides very helpful and informative! I'd recommend to any family!

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Joan P.
Review from Joan P.
23 events 11 reviews

Had a great time - great trip for a great price! Recommend for everyone - visitors and locals alike and all ages!

Crew was informative, accomodations perfect, saw lots of dolphins and one whale.

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Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
Review from Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
50 events 11 reviews

Lots of dolphins, but no larger cetaceans in sight.

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Annette South
Review from Annette South
22 events 11 reviews

The crew was delightful and very polite and helpful. The narration during the cruise was very informative.

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Review from Beth
24 events 11 reviews

Very entertaining. More dolphins than whales.

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Greg Bermel
Review from Greg Bermel
25 events 11 reviews

We saw plenty of dolphins up close with a very friendly staff. Rough seas that day and we didn't get to see any blue whales.

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Review from Lawrence
12 events 10 reviews

A great safe courteous Captain! Bravo

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Review from Lawrence
12 events 10 reviews

Courteous and efficient Captain and we saw many dolphins!

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Review from Sandy
19 events 10 reviews

great time! lots of whales and dolphin

kids LOVED it!

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Sonia Lisa Mejia
Review from Sonia Lisa Mejia
29 events 10 reviews

It was by far one of the best family outings we've had in awhile! Not only did we see three blue whales up close, we saw hundreds of dolphins and they swam in pools with the boat...once the boat stopped, we saw hundreds...it was something that...continued

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jacob ochoa
Review from jacob ochoa
77 events 10 reviews

My first time Whale watching and it was so much better than i expected. The crew was great, and we saw 3 blue whales. I was told that it rare to see 2, so 3 was a treat. I plan on going again in a couple of weeks and taking the kids!

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Review from Lejone
62 events 10 reviews

Our party of seventeen was scheduled to embark on this Ocean Adventure at 5 pm. However, only nine of us made it. The nine of us arrived early and explained to the captain that our guests, tourists from New Zealand, were running late. He waited a...continued

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Ladybug Love
Review from Ladybug Love
11 events 10 reviews

Our tour guides were soooo fun and informative. It was a great experience and definitely worth the money!!!

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