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Debra Schnaufer
Review from Debra Schnaufer
51 events 10 reviews

When out on the watch Friday afternoon, the weather was great. Boat was very clean, seating inside and on the deck. Lots of room to stand and walk around, bathrooms, snack and drinks for sale. We saw a mother blue whale with calf, a HUGH pod of...continued

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Marguerite Basel
Review from Marguerite Basel
18 events 9 reviews

I never thought I will have so much fun. I've been living in Dana Point for the last 14 years and have never gone to see the whales I am so glad I did it was a great experience and I will go again. I thank the Captain of the boat for doing such a...continued

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Isabella Vega
Review from Isabella Vega
39 events 9 reviews

I went whale watching twice before and never saw anything on other whale watching excursions, at Dana Pointe we saw many whales and dolphins. The experience was amazing. Overall it was a nice relaxing day.

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Shannon Tanksley
Review from Shannon Tanksley
12 events 9 reviews

We had a good time. The staff was friendly and informative. Our cruise ran late, so if you are on a time restriction beware! Get there early if you want a seat on the top of the boat, if you want to stand at the front, also get there early! Other...continued

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Phyllis V.
Review from Phyllis V.
21 events 8 reviews

It was great! We say hundreds of dolphins and some sea lions. We learned little about the habits of these animals and how to tell them apart.

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Review from Donna
15 events 8 reviews

It was wonderful. Very friendly group. We look forward to taking others.

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Harriet Davis Goren
Review from Harriet Davis Goren
24 events 8 reviews

The staff was knowledgeable and really worked hard to make it a good trip. The problem was the boat. I felt that there were way too many people on board. It is also nice when a boat has seating on deck, this one didn't. There was seating above...continued

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Lee Stern
Review from Lee Stern
27 events 8 reviews

This was a fun/just long enough & not expensive So. Cal/Dana Point local cruise on a fairly roomy,'tour-boat'. Main guide & small crew were friendly and knowledgeable & did a good job of both explaining the many (probably) Hundreds of Dolphins we...continued

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Arlene Trask
Review from Arlene Trask
35 events 8 reviews

We did not see any whales, but we did see lots of dolphins and a group of sea lions. We got compensated by getting 50% off our next trip!

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Review from Debi
9 events 8 reviews

We had a WONDERFUL time! The crew was very friendly, the boat very clean and we saw HUNDREDS of dolphins! They were everywhere! The Captain told us all about them over the loud speaker so we also learned how they eat, breath and live. The...continued

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Virginia Figueroa
Review from Virginia Figueroa
44 events 8 reviews

We were so lucky to see several pods of whales on our outing. The captian of the boat was very informative. The weather was great. What a lovely way to spend a relaxing Sunday afteroon. I highly recommend this trip!

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Review from Hazecraze
18 events 7 reviews

Although the line was long, it was worth the wait..the crew was pretty informative & know their stuff, that's why we witnessed those pretty whales!

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Review from D.
27 events 7 reviews

Great time! Boat was not overcrowded. Friendly crew worked hard to find the most ocean life possible. No whales, but hundreds of dolphins! Viewing the tall ships was a great addition to our evening. Guess we picked the right evening to set sail!

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Mary Rabe
Review from Mary Rabe
9 events 7 reviews

Lots of fun, and we saw dolphins and whales very easily

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
9 events 7 reviews

no whales, but plenty of common dolphins. It was disappointing. Crew was very hospitable.
It was a dark and cloudy. The seas were very choppy. A lot of people got sick. Most of us could't wait to get back and get off the boat.

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Review from Michael
16 events 7 reviews

Saw hundreds of dolphins. The ocean was extremely calm that day. My grandsons as well as the entire family loved every minute. Highly recommended.

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Review from Kat
23 events 7 reviews

Super price, super adventure. Our captain found a mama and baby whale, we we awed at the sight. They were so big, relative to the Dolphins. The dolphins were so amused with our boat, they played and played,I never saw so many pods all in one...continued

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Kathy Woodhouse Lopez
Review from Kathy Woodhouse Lopez
18 events 7 reviews

The captain did a great job leading us right to the dolphins and a blue whale.

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Martha Elink-Schuurman Warren Underwood
Review from Martha Elink-Schuurman Warren Underwood
14 events 7 reviews

The captain was fantastic. First we viewed the Tall Ships arriving into Dana Point Harbor, then onto our whale search. He found some small ones and then let us into a huge pod of dolphins with a few sea lions thrown in. It was a wonderful...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
8 events 7 reviews

The day we went it was sprinkling the whole time. The only thing we saw were the Sea Lions on the buoy. When I inquired about the refund (they had posted a sign stating if you didn't see any whales or dolphins you would get a refund) they said I...continued

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