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Patricia Lorraine
Review from Patricia Lorraine
8 events 7 reviews

The event was average however we did get to see a Blue whale. My kids 11 & 12 were bored after an hour into it. I guess because we did not get to see anything else. It's a chance you take I suppose. Yes, it's true, layer up & dress warm even if...continued

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Dawn E.
Review from Dawn E.
65 events 7 reviews

This was an excellent adventure. We saw a whale and schools of dolphins. The guide was very imformative, knowledeable and fun.

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Robin Mizuki
Review from Robin Mizuki
12 events 7 reviews

This was the best whale watching cruise I've ever been on!! Perfect weather, saw 100's of dolphins and gorgeous Blue Whale!! Even captured a tail as it dived!! Was just an awesome day! The captain of the boat was great and full of information! We...continued

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Martha Elink-Schuurman Warren Underwood
Review from Martha Elink-Schuurman Warren Underwood
14 events 7 reviews

What a wonderful way to spend 2 hours. The captain and crew were delightful and informative. The boat was spotless. We did not see any whales, but we rode with a huge pod of dolphins, who played and swam and jumped along-side the boat. They...continued

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Review from Adela
10 events 6 reviews

Enjoyable 2 hours. No whales, but lots of dolphins. If you are up front you will get wet.

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Review from AML
102 events 6 reviews

Excellent! Second time out with these folks and saw more blue whales.

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Donna Tarvis
Review from Donna Tarvis
12 events 6 reviews

Great adventure.. excellent weather and the young men that ran the boat/ship was so friendly. They shared so much and made it so interesting.. I would suggest anyone to attend this.. well worth the money.. I want to go again and share this with...continued

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Deborah Bryant
Review from Deborah Bryant
9 events 6 reviews

Great trip for a great price! We went in the summer and saw the blue whale, which is larger than the gray whales in the winter. We saw the blue whale surface and dive many times. There were dozens and dozens of dolphins, too. The staff was very...continued

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Patrick Kelsey
Review from Patrick Kelsey
15 events 6 reviews

The boat was nicer than I expected it to be. White tables with seating on top and plenty of deck space on the sides. I was glad they had a snack bar and cocktails! The boat moved at a nice pace and it didn't take long to find some common dolphins....continued

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Maureen N
Review from Maureen N
18 events 6 reviews

The price from goldstar was fantastic, and the evening was perfect, sunny and warm with almost no swell.I guess the Blue whales thought so to as we saw at least 5 and got great photos, which I don't have with me to upload. A great evening

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Review from evansrobb
13 events 6 reviews

This was a nice trip.. There was tremendous value in the price and the boat delivered what was promised. It was comfortable and suited well for the activity.. Overall a very nice experience.

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Deborah Bryant
Review from Deborah Bryant
9 events 6 reviews

Weather was perfect. We saw lots of common dolphins and followed a blue whale around for about an hour. We also saw a sea lion.

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Review from jpisacane
45 events 5 reviews

Absolutely fantastic experience. We had a female blue whale and her calf literally swim to within a few feet of our boat and we were able to observe and enjoy their antics as they swam and dived below the surface. The boat and crew were top...continued

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Review from jpisacane
45 events 5 reviews

Dana Wharf provides an excellent whale watching experience. The experienced crew is very eager to make sure that your trip is enjoyable by providing very interesting information about all the marine life that can be seen during the trip. We saw...continued

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Jessica J
Review from Jessica J
14 events 5 reviews

It was better than I imagined, everyone was friendly and there was no overcrowding when I went in Springtime. The ride was awesome BUT if you easily get motion sickness I suggest you do take something to help you with that because our ride was...continued

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Review from piantoni@aol.com
44 events 5 reviews

Nice Day - Nice Boat - Nice Crew - Good Value

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Mark tanner
Review from Mark tanner
14 events 5 reviews

Ocean Adventure used the fishing boat Sum Fun for this cruise. The fishing boat could seat approximately 20 people. However, it is a large ship and could carry a lot more. On this particular day, we saw a small pod of dolphins and caught a...continued

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Review from jpisacane
45 events 5 reviews

This trip was really enjoyable. We followed two blue whales for about half and hour as they surfaced within a short distance of the boat. I enjoyed it so much I plan to go on several more trips this summer. The boat was very clean and...continued

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John Dewey
Review from John Dewey
8 events 5 reviews

Very good trip. Saw a few Dolphins, but no Whales. Got a Whale ticket so we can try again.

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Review from Carol
16 events 4 reviews

Great excursion! Saw a pod of "1,000" dolphins and a young, male 30ft. Humpback Whale, and sea birds. We were in the middle of their feeding frenzy of anchovies for over 35 minutes. Good idea to take your motion sickness meds if prone to it! ...continued

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