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I took my 12 year old granddaughter and we both had a fabulous time! Saw many playful dolphins, a seal and several sightings of a blue whale which was up close and personal! I would highly recommend this trip.

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Review from coachnwings
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Not really worth a return visit. A lot of ocean . . . not to much marine life

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Review from Ryan
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Saw plenty of dolphins which was cool, plenty of room on boat, bring cash if you want drinks/snacks. Sea life is best seen according to season, but still a fun ride off Dana Point for a couple of hours.

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Review from Linda
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The Captain was extremely knowledgeable and the entire crew was great. We got to see tons of dolphins and chased down a Blue Whale. I will definitely go again in the future and would recommend to anyone.

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Review from Jennifer
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The trip was aMAZing! We saw a blue whale surface and dive several times & two different types of dolphins. The common dolphins were in a huge pod that played in the wake diving in and out of the waves. SO much fun! Our captain provided alot of...continued

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Nancy Rosenblum
Review from Nancy Rosenblum
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The trip was wonderful. We had whales all around us. We saw at least 7 blue whales coming up and going under several times. We saw 2 schools of dolphins. They were knowledgeable and informative.

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This was awesome, the captian of the boat found the blue whale for us and then found a pod of dolphins feeding which made for some awesomoe pic's and videos. This was the first time I had ever seen baby dolphins swimming with their mothers, what a...continued

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Theresa O.
Review from Theresa O.
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This was BETTER than I anticipated. I thought it was a typical harbor cruise. It turned out to be a whale watching cruise. We saw dolphins, seals and 2 blue whales. It was breathtaking. I LOVED the cruise and intend to go again, soon.

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Kelli Mabry
Review from Kelli Mabry
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Unfortunately it was a very foggy day and we did not see anything. HOWEVER, they were very gracious to offer everyone on board a raincheck to come back another day. I was impressed by this as they certainly did not have to do that! The staff...continued

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Arthur Newman
Review from Arthur Newman
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We saw a whale several times submerge and reapear,the captain got as close as he could. We
saw many dolphins and they swam by the boat.
The crew was very good.

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Denise I.
Review from Denise I.
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2 hour boat ride along the coast past san onofre. we saw seal lions and 2 types of dolphins, no whales. like others stated, they were informative. would be more inclined to recommend this to families, rather than a date.

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Tom Greene
Review from Tom Greene
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2 Hr. whale watching cruise, nicely run, clean boat, and the crew was very informative and helpful.

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Review from chellenging1
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Although we didn't see any whales (which seems to always be the case with the whale watching tours), the crew went out of their way to make sure we saw other wildlife such as dolphins, sea lions and pelicans.

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David Dart
Review from David Dart
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Review from jamaicagal
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Great excursion. Staff was friendly & informative. Lots of seating & standing area. Went on 9-4 so was warm enough w/o jacket. Sunset was beautiful.

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Victor Matloff
Review from Victor Matloff
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Great outing for a reasonable cost. The cruise left on time, the staff was friendly, the skipper narrated the trip, and we did see dolphins and a whale. We followed the whale and watched him come up and down several times, plus he flipped his...continued

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Alex Morales
Review from Alex Morales
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IT was great! Got to see a Blue Whale and dozens of dolphins!

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Cindy Jett
Review from Cindy Jett
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LOVED IT...we will go again, again and again...

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Review from Pamela
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My boyfriend and I really enjoyed our cruise. I loved that it left the dock after 5 PM. It allowed us to not only enjoy seeing whales and dolphins... We also really enjoyed a lovely sunset. It was a perfect was to start a evening out. A lovely...continued

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Review from Kimhuong
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My little boy enjoy the trip. He met a friend and they watches dolphin and whales together. As for me, I was feeling a little sea sick. I took the advised of the crew staff and stand and watched the horizon. I felt much better but I couln't...continued

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