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Review from paula
19 events 3 reviews

I didn't see any whales, but there were so many dolphins. It was a very nice and pleasant boat ride. I would do it again.

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Alex Morales
Review from Alex Morales
5 events 3 reviews

IT was great! Got to see a Blue Whale and dozens of dolphins!

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Cindy Jett
Review from Cindy Jett
12 events 3 reviews

LOVED IT...we will go again, again and again...

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Review from Pamela
3 events 3 reviews

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed our cruise. I loved that it left the dock after 5 PM. It allowed us to not only enjoy seeing whales and dolphins... We also really enjoyed a lovely sunset. It was a perfect was to start a evening out. A lovely...continued

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Review from Kimhuong
48 events 3 reviews

My little boy enjoy the trip. He met a friend and they watches dolphin and whales together. As for me, I was feeling a little sea sick. I took the advised of the crew staff and stand and watched the horizon. I felt much better but I couln't...continued

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Review from Kathy
8 events 3 reviews

Our captain Mike was not very good at telling us where the whales were. He would say "Folks, there's one over there" but he didn't say which side of the boat and by the time we saw where it was, it was gone. He also didn't talk to us very much...continued

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Deborah Townes
Review from Deborah Townes
20 events 3 reviews

Saw 2 blue whales, the dove and showed us their Tale /flukes 3 times. Beautiful but very wet ride aboard Clemente, which was much smaller boat than the Dana Pride we were supposed to take out. We encountered a pod of common dolphins. They raced...continued

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Review from Kincavo
13 events 3 reviews

Saw a Blue Whale. 85 feet.

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Review from Robyncharm
22 events 3 reviews

The boat was clean and comfortable and the staff was friendly. The cruise was a lovely tour of the south Orange County coast. We saw some dolphins and the crew did their best to find us some whales to look at - no luck there, but like they say -...continued

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Pamela Schley
Review from Pamela Schley
4 events 3 reviews

The Dana Wharf ocean cruise is a wonderful way to enjoy the Pacific ocean and the animals. Our Captain was very informative. Although we didn't see a whale (wrong time) we were able to see sea lions, seals, blue nose dolphins, common dolphins,...continued

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Review from Collector
16 events 3 reviews

This is a great adventure, and you owe it to yourself to check it out. The closeup views of Blue Whales and Dolphins were fantastic. The crew did a magnificent job of tracking the sightings, and we truly enjoyed the trip.

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Review from Marie
6 events 3 reviews

This was AMAZING! What a wonderful experience! We loved it! The ride at 5pm was perfect, smooth, calming and in the best weather conditions. We saw 2 Blue Whales and followed them for a good bit getting terrific photos along the way. We also saw...continued

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Review from John
10 events 3 reviews

This was a very enjoyable event off the coast of Dana Point. We saw many dolphins along the way, but there were no whales in sight. Regardless it was a beautiful ride and alot of fun watching the dolphins swim on both sides of the boat. We...continued

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Review from Ceebee1000
42 events 3 reviews

Very friendly and knowledgeable captain and hands.

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Review from fdhelfer
24 events 3 reviews

We all had a great time! We were delighted to see blue whales, dolphins and sea lions. We would recommend this for all ages.

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Darling Blessed
Review from Darling Blessed
7 events 3 reviews

We had a lot of fun. This was a great Friday date. Very lucky to see so many dolphin - probably 100s in the water and very playful with the boat so you'd see them up close for a good long time. Plenty of opportunity to get good pix. Crew was...continued

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Leanne Michelle
Review from Leanne Michelle
28 events 3 reviews

We had a very friendly humpback next to out boat much of the time- and the dolphins are so fun to watch. Crew was great as always. Highly recommend!!!

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Deborah Townes
Review from Deborah Townes
20 events 3 reviews

We had a wonderful time- saw a BLUE WHALE 3 times, plus bottle nosed dolphins and sea lions. The crew was friendly & told us all about sea life.

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Judy Dugger Cordle
Review from Judy Dugger Cordle
29 events 3 reviews

We had a wonderful time on the Whale watch. Thanks!

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Jennifer Wesch
Review from Jennifer Wesch
11 events 3 reviews

We had the best time. The captain was incredible, he found a massive pod of dolphins- looked like thousands - took us out there & the Dolphins were jumping around us everywhere you looked. Then he spotted a whale spout & drove us quickly. We...continued

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