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Review from Regina
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I went with a friend and we both had a fun time. Contrary to the reviews, the boat DOES NOT go in a little circle. You do mostly stay in the harbor but it also goes out past the rocks, around a bouie, and back into the harbor. In my opinion, the...continued

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Madison Boatman
Review from Madison Boatman
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My friends and I had a great experience! The staff and crew made us feel very comfortable and the wine was great! Price was great, too. I would definitely go back again!

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Mary Cope
Review from Mary Cope
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Really nice relaxing evening. Jason and crew are great hosts.

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Review from Jessica
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Simply amazing! Music, wine and people. Thank you for explaining the differences between the wine!

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Review from Lou
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The ambiance on the boat was nice and festive with Christmass decorations and music. The staff was also friendly. However, I expected more of a 90-minute ocean cruise along the coast and back instead of just "floating" within the DP breaker.

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Review from Andrea
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The boat never left the marina !! Expected to go into the ocean. The service fee on the tickets was too high----almost 20%......not good.

The wine and cheese was plentiful and the company very enjoyable.

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Sonya Pollard
Review from Sonya Pollard
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The wine cruise was great! Perfect amount of time, the marina is absolutely beautiful. The Wine "tasting's" were almost a full glass, and the cheese and fruit plate was a nice addition. I would do it again.

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Sandra Getman
Review from Sandra Getman
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they were late and disorganized. Not enough fruit, and the wine selection was poor. The ride around the harbor was good and relaxing. I think they need to have better planning of how the experience is going to be for the customers. It was as if...continued

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Gabriela Goetting
Review from Gabriela Goetting
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This was a fun little cruise around the harbor in dana Point.
The wine was good, the snacks delicious but mostly I enjoyed Keith who played his guitar to any song you wanted. He was very entertaining and I would recommend this little excursion to...continued

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Dina Martini
Review from Dina Martini
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To be honest, this wine cruise was a total let down! Especially for valentine's day!!! The event states, "There's also cheese, crackers, fruit and nuts to go with the wine". There weren't any of these. The only options available were high in...continued

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Mary Lingo
Review from Mary Lingo
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Was a very enjoyable evening, would highly recommend to family and friends.. Look forward to doing it again!

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Kendra Storn
Review from Kendra Storn
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We were not told about an hour delay in leaving and the note about boarding an hour early is not true -there is nothing to do, no reason to get on board early and they don't let you. No take away material about the wines - you turn in your tasting...continued

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Donna Goodman
Review from Donna Goodman
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What a fun different thing to do. Wine was good and weather perfect on Friday.

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Review from vixtaxen
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While this cruise only circles Dana Point Harbor (no whale watching, but we saw a seal) it’s a really pleasant way to spend 1.5 hours on a late Friday afternoon. You get to choose four generous tastings from among six credible wine selections....continued

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Laurence Lerner
Review from Laurence Lerner
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Wonderful time on a beautiful day. Wines were excellent and nice accompanying nibbles. Only suggestion would be to highlight fact that a paper ticket must be picked up at ticketing office before attempting to board the vessel.

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