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Jim McCarthy
Review from Jim McCarthy
Red Velvet 255 events 66 reviews

This was better than expected. First, the logistics were easy, including parking and ticket pick up. The boat was in great condition; the crew were professional and friendly.

They also seemed to know just what to do, as they found a pod of...continued

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Denise Shue
Review from Denise Shue
Red Velvet 105 events 65 reviews

We were very lucky. We didn't see any dolphins, but we saw a grey whale that waved bye to us 3 times w/ his tail!

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Janvie Cason
Review from Janvie Cason
Red Velvet 52 events 36 reviews

Wonderful, relaxing a joyful sense of wonderment in watching the dolphins and sea lions. A great family outing! Thank you!

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Victoria Hales
Review from Victoria Hales
Red Velvet 90 events 33 reviews

No whales just now, they are late coming down from Alaska! We saw lots of dolphins. The captain was very good about pointing out things of interest to us.

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Victoria Hales
Review from Victoria Hales
Red Velvet 90 events 33 reviews

We saw several slow moving mama whales with babies...how cool!!!

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Amy Crow-Gardea
Review from Amy Crow-Gardea
Red Velvet 153 events 29 reviews

We had a fantastic time. Once we got out into open water, the captain informed us that another boat had a whale out at San Onofre. So, we flew out there and spent the next hour following a 4-5 year old grey whale. It was pretty amazing. The...continued

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Jenifer M. Smith
Review from Jenifer M. Smith
Red Velvet 71 events 17 reviews

It was great and we saw three different types of whales while out on our journey this past Sunday! Even got to see a Momma and her calf. The food on the boat Dana Pride was great and lots of other goodies for purchase as well. Drinks, chips,...continued

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I don't want a profile name
Review from I don't want a profile name
Red Velvet 100 events 15 reviews

Missed our appointment time because we could not find the address on Golden Lantern street (there were NO numbers on the buildings). However, after I called them on my phone and they described how to get to their building they let us take a later...continued

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John McNally
Review from John McNally
Red Velvet 132 events 12 reviews

I wanted to get out of Pasadena, and away from all the allergies that were driving me mad! This was just what I needed! We saw hundreds of Dolphin and enjoyed cruising the coastline. The boat staff were super friendly and the food and drinks on...continued

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Review from tdhuyvetter
Red Velvet 55 events 12 reviews

This was a lovely boat ride. Personnel were informative and accommodating. Ship was very comfortable. We saw a huge pod of dolphins of a variety I had not seen before and it was great being surrounded by them! We even saw an albino dolphin! ...continued

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Kenyon Brown
Review from Kenyon Brown
659 events 377 reviews

3.5 stars; recommended. We saw a LOT of playful dolphins, and very close up. A nice day out on the water, too. They made sure we were comfortable and there was plenty of educational materials to read (and play with!) for all.

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Mark Johnson
Review from Mark Johnson
221 events 116 reviews

Very organized and easy process to find and board boat. Staff are very knowledgeable and did a great job on giving information about whales. We saw five on our trip and it was a great tour.

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edward gutierrez
Review from edward gutierrez
109 events 77 reviews

Did not see any whales : 0, But did see a lot of dolphins. It was a beautiful day for an ocean boat ride.

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Dee K
Review from Dee K
68 events 43 reviews

Beautiful day to be out on the ocean looking for whales. We were fortunate enough to find and escort a grey whale as he surfaced and dove his way south along the beautiful Orange County coast. There were several sightings of dolphins and seals...continued

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Review from NM
106 events 42 reviews

We saw lots of bottlenose dolphins and seal lions, but NO WHALES IN SIGHT. I guess you are better off going to Sea World, at least, they are guaranteed.

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Mary B.
Review from Mary B.
73 events 41 reviews

Super beautiful Spring day. We saw lots of sea life including whales, porpoise and sea lions.We hope to take this ride again when other whales are in town.

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Jonnie Jean Owens
Review from Jonnie Jean Owens
116 events 36 reviews

Although we didn't see any whales we saw a 'mega-pod' of dolphins which was amazing. I have been to Hawaii, Mexico, British Columbia, and the Caribbean and seen dolphins and whales many times, but I have never seen so many at one time! There...continued

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Barbara Blash
Review from Barbara Blash
65 events 35 reviews

I took a visiting friend on this whale watching venue, to see whales, and altho we only had the opportunity to see one, that day,it was a totally enjoyable activity.Dolphin,and sealions were plentiful,and kudos to the staff on board! they were...continued

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William Bennett
Review from William Bennett
60 events 30 reviews

WE took our granddaughter and she love it. It was her first boat ride. We got to follow alongside a huge adult grey whale, for a mile or so. He just kept coming up all along the route and "fluked" many times. And, to top the trip off, we circle a...continued

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Irene S.
Review from Irene S.
50 events 28 reviews

The boat was getting ready to turn around and return to the dock, when we finally sighted a blue whale and later on 3 dolphins!
I am glad we got to see something because we had with us our 7 year old grandson and he was beginning to get very...continued

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