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Scott Vanourek
Review from Scott Vanourek
Red Velvet 30 events 6 reviews

Professional. Entertaining. Funny. Great combo show.

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Dennis Cammack
Review from Dennis Cammack
Red Velvet 14 events 2 reviews

Fun show. Would have liked a tour of the mansion.

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Dale Reed
Review from Dale Reed
Red Velvet 12 events 2 reviews

It is a very entertaining, family event with audience participation. Very worthwhile.

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Dale Reed
Review from Dale Reed
Red Velvet 12 events 2 reviews

It was a wonderful, friendly, funny, family event

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Review from Kar7en
29 events 19 reviews

Really FUN! Lots of audience participation, laughs, and MAGIC!!!

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Review from gmdenver
27 events 15 reviews

Unusual but nice venue. Matt & Gene were great, funny and excellent at their craft. They kept the mixed crowd (mostly adults) entertained throughout the 90-min show. Some of the humor was quite subtle but all in all, very well done. I would...continued

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Review from Sally
28 events 12 reviews

Great show. Simply amazing tricks. Liked the fact that the show was accessible and enjoyable for all ages. Watching the young kids who were there was half the fun. Would recommend to anyone.

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Review from Susan
49 events 12 reviews

What a fabulous show! My best friend & I went to this show & we were just speechless time & time again with the magic tricks that both men did. Great energy! This show is ????

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Diane Bumgarner
Review from Diane Bumgarner
19 events 8 reviews

We absolutely LOVED Sleightly Impossible! Such a great experience--the Mansion is beautiful and is in excellent condition. In fact, we were so impressed we are going back for a brunch in September! The show, itself, was wonderful! They are...continued

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Robbie Saunders
Review from Robbie Saunders
12 events 7 reviews

Had a great time :) These guys are awesome!

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Kio Watanabe
Review from Kio Watanabe
30 events 7 reviews

Very entertaining show. Magic and comedy are both good for all ages.

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John Miller
Review from John Miller
15 events 5 reviews

A good time. Humorous as well as magical.

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Laurie Zempel
Review from Laurie Zempel
10 events 5 reviews

The seating was terribly arranged, so I couldn't see the stage from the back row! The stage needs to set up higher!!! The first half of the show was slow and boring with Matthew Brandt! Gene Gordon put on a better and more realistic show, but...continued

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Jennifer Lahlou
Review from Jennifer Lahlou
22 events 4 reviews

My guest and I really enjoyed the show. I thought by sitting close to them I could tell how they did the tricks-- but no could do! Great job guys! Also very funny.

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Lori Lucas
Review from Lori Lucas
4 events 3 reviews

Good, clean live entertainment with a pretty impressive magic show to top off the night. Our group ranged from age 17 to 89, and everyone in our group of 5 had a wonderful evening. Loved the historic mansion this event takes place in. Intimate...continued

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Just Me
Review from Just Me
12 events 3 reviews

I was very pleased and WOW ED!!!! BOTH magicians were exceptional in their own right! They work well together and make sure they included audience no matter where you are sitting.. Classic illusions in some cases but it is so much more appreciated...continued

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Carolyn Green
Review from Carolyn Green
7 events 2 reviews

Fun time with my family...enjoyed how much the magicians had audience involvement. Good change of pace to spend an evening out!

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Leah Elias
Review from Leah Elias
10 events 2 reviews

Really enjoyed this show.

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Debra A Valentina
Review from Debra A Valentina
7 events 2 reviews

The magic was extraordinary!! I was thoroughly entertained!! And both of the magicians were funny and friendly. I will definitely tell friends about this event!

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Daniel Baxter
Review from Daniel Baxter
3 events 2 reviews

The show was ok. Me and my guest hadn't been to the Lumber Baron Mansion before and the place is unique, historical, and intriguing. There is a small bar on the first floor and the drinks do hold their own in terms of not feeling like you get...continued

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