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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 703 events 218 reviews

Easily the BEST HISTORY TOUR we ever took!! Bruce simply knows everything about Hamilton & Washington, their affiliations with New York City etc., and is soooo enthusiastic about the subject, that one simply has to follow suit and get...continued

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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 703 events 218 reviews

Second time taking this tour. This time we brought a friend (whose father was a history professor and who is a history buff himself) and he loved Bruce's tour just as much as we did!! It was a very, very special 4th of July for us, in fact for me...continued

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Ravneesh Sachdev
Review from Ravneesh Sachdev
Red Velvet 406 events 17 reviews

As Bruce so eloquently stated "NYC is herself a monument to Washington and Hamilton."
His passion for the subject, knowledge of history and love for NYC make this tour engaging and memorable.
Whether you have watched Hamilton and listened to the...continued

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Review from Tamar
37 events 15 reviews

If you love history or just love NYC, this is the tour for you!! Bruce is an extremely thorough and enthusiastic guide and his knowledge of some unknown details left us amazed and hungry to learn more about both Hamilton and Washington. The tour...continued

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Katherine Murray Grove
Review from Katherine Murray Grove
61 events 14 reviews

Best tour I’ve ever been on. My daughter who is 11 and passionate about American history described it as “the best day of her life”. Our guide was excellent and incredibly knowledgeable. Two huge thumbs up!

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Lynne McCabe
Review from Lynne McCabe
43 events 11 reviews

Bruce was an excellent guide into the history of Washington & Hamilton in NYC at the beginnings of our great democracy. Highly recommend this tour.

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Review from UHLTOOL
44 events 7 reviews

I do not have the adequate words to express my gratitude for the tour given by Bruce. Despite the extreme cold, he made the adventure such an interesting and excellent event it will take some time before I forget that day. I was so overwhelmed...continued

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Janis Bilello
Review from Janis Bilello
30 events 6 reviews

Excellent tour given by tour guide and historian Bruce. He presented his knowledge with so much enthusiasm, as if he was talking about it for the first time. Leisurely pace. Questions welcomed. Really piqued my interest; felt at times via his...continued

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Review from aerobertson08
15 events 6 reviews

Great tour. Bruce is knowledgeable and enthusiastic. My husband and I loved it.

For kids- maybe best for teens with a real interest either in history or the Hamilton musical.

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R.L. Carter
Review from R.L. Carter
8 events 6 reviews

The guide is very knowledgeable and personable. This was 3 hours well spent for locals, tourists or aspiring history buffs.

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Fran Cassidy
Review from Fran Cassidy
10 events 5 reviews

Bruce is amazingly interesting and knowledgeable! Some things were reminders of what I learned (& forgot)years ago as a student. Some I never heard before. I wish I took this tour prior to seeing Hamilton.

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Helene Eckstein
Review from Helene Eckstein
34 events 5 reviews

Bruce is so knowledgeable. He makes history come alive! WOW!

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Beth Berlin Dreyfuss
Review from Beth Berlin Dreyfuss
4 events 4 reviews

Bruce is a delightful and super knowledgeable guide. He had visual aids (including video) throughout the tour. He was welcoming of questions and made sure everyone was included in the experience. I would highly recommend this tour!

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Brian Weber
Review from Brian Weber
6 events 4 reviews

Bruce was great! Love the flip book he had, very friendly and informative. A 3 hour tour (no pun intended) may seem like a long time, but it actually flew by and we went about :30 over our time. It was COLD and Windy on our tour date and he was...continued

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Review from anthony
22 events 4 reviews

It's a super informative, enjoyable time. Bruce makes the history come alive, he's a true scholar.

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Review from Robin
4 events 3 reviews

Excellent tour! Highly recommend and you don't have to be a "history buff" to enjoy this tour! It was amazing to find out that Washington and Hamilton were good friends and it all started here in New York! Bruce made history come alive and it...continued

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Katie P Geniesse
Review from Katie P Geniesse
3 events 3 reviews

The tour guide was very knowledgeable, warm, and engaging! He also followed up with materials for those who wanted more information.

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Beth Geiger
Review from Beth Geiger
6 events 3 reviews

This is an incredible tour. The tour guide, Bruce, is brilliant. So much history in this area of NYC. It is a full 3 hour tour, and entertaining every minute. Don't miss it.

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Emelia Napolitano
Review from Emelia Napolitano
6 events 2 reviews

Bruce is such a nice guy - great tour

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jane luceno
Review from jane luceno
6 events 2 reviews

Bruce was an amazing guide. He had a wealth of knowledge and my entire family loved the tour. We can’t wait to take another one of his tours.

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