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A Midsummer Night's Dream -- The Musical Reviews

Clayton E. Liggett Theatre (Encinitas, CA)

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"A Midsummer Night's Dream -- The Musical"
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21 events
7 reviews
3 stars
attended Sep 08 2012

Very enjoyable! Loved the addition of the songs and dances from the 60's. The only thing my husband and I didn't like was the intense air conditioning. Left the show with a warm heart but frozen body.

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Arleen von Schlieder
6 events
1 review
5 stars
attended Sep 13 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed this musical. A wonderful, very professional cast, upbeat music, innovative set and costumes. It was such a fun way to perform "A Midsummer Night's Dream". The "play within a play" was hilarious. The Clayton E. Liggett...continued

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318 events
97 reviews
167 stars
attended Aug 17 2013

Almost every production with the Intrepid Shakespeare Company is first rate. It suffers only by being a tiny bit north of the average San Diego theatre-goers' range.

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74 events
31 reviews
2 stars
attended Aug 17 2013

The Goldstar portion was fine: the price was good and the parking easy and free. I left at the intermission. The show was sophomoric and the songs were underwhelming. The director had most of the cast running around so much it was like a track...continued

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Victoria Red Velvet
46 events
25 reviews
23 stars
attended Jul 11 2013

Even if you know nothing about the Bard, you'll enjoy this play. The music fits well with story and will have you singing in your seat. Let's hope for an encore in 2014. Better yet...hamlet the musical. Lol

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suzysnoflake Red Velvet
37 events
8 reviews
20 stars
attended Aug 10 2013

Fun, inventive, totally cool,and a great way to see Shakespeare. My daughter said she doesn't think that she'll ever again be able see A Midsummer Night's Dream without music. And I might agree.

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Silvie Red Velvet
26 events
5 reviews
12 stars
attended Jul 18 2013

Excellent !!! Great selection of music, hilarious acting as well as good Shakespeare delivery :-) Highly recommended. If you like Shakespeare and have a sense of humor, do not miss it.

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118 events
70 reviews
6 stars
attended Sep 09 2012

The cast, music, dancing - everything was fantastic! Excellent venue. We especially enjoyed Taylor Peckham as Puck. This was a very enjoyable performance!

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103 events
70 reviews
46 stars
attended Jul 12 2013

We saw a preview and it was clear that great thigs were in the works. Will definitely be back to enjoy the polished product. Loved the energy and the enthusiasum of the cast and the directors. Had see last years amazing production and have...continued

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99 events
55 reviews
7 stars
attended Jul 19 2013

The acting was good and the set was interesting but I found the gaps in the storyline, due to inserting the songs, made for confusion in tracking the action which doesn't occur when simply viewing this play as it exists. Theater cooled down...continued

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85 events
32 reviews
2 stars
attended Sep 23 2012

Very entertaining.
Loved the vocals--except for the "queen devil" (Hippolyta/Titania?), her voices was scratchy at times.
Thought the stage work was wonderful--could have used the stage for the second half instead of in front of the curtain...continued

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36 events
23 reviews
10 stars
attended Sep 16 2012

I am not a fan of Shakespeare, but this play was cleverly melded with snippits of "oldies" song that were appropriate and very funny. All the actors were very talented. Helena was especially interesting. I would recommend it to...continued

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Barbara Blackwell
39 events
22 reviews
11 stars
attended Aug 17 2013

It was FANTASTIC. The performers and venue were wonderful. Please include this theatre company in your program for all performances.

Midsummer Night's Dream is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. Intrepid added hit songs from the 60's at...continued

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83 events
21 reviews
19 stars
attended Jul 12 2013

Wonderful production, which is par for the course for this terrific theatre company!

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42 events
20 reviews
14 stars
attended Sep 15 2012

Great rendition of a classic with songs from the 50's, 60's, and 70's to make it more entertaining, more fun.

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30 events
19 reviews
11 stars
attended Jul 25 2013

Enjoyable summer fun! Excellent cast, singing, live band. Intrepid is a professional company. If you have never seen Shakespeare, this is perfect place to start...the text is all here, punctuated with familiar songs. Just 2 hours with...continued

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186 events
18 reviews
5 stars
attended Sep 13 2012

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! Very creative! Shakespeare would have loved this very lively and energetic interpretation of his clever, funny comedy - set to well selected mid-20th century pop songs, beautifully performed and perfectly cast with great...continued

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74 events
15 reviews
52 stars
attended Sep 02 2012

this is a great play for someone who might not want to see shakespeare. we loved the play, man, woman, and 10 year old girl. It is a great intro to Shakespeare, modern day clothes, and classic well known songs, and great set, a bit of dancing and...continued

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16 events
13 reviews
30 stars
attended Aug 10 2013

Fantastic production - and enjoyable beyond words!

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23 events
13 reviews
6 stars
attended Aug 31 2012

The actors were great- as actors and as singers. Very funny. Loved the staging too. First Shakespeare I have ever seen so I read the story first which helps since it is spoken in Old English. For me, it was hard to understand what the actors...continued

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