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William T Wisinski
Review from William T Wisinski
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Excellent fast paced drama with clever rapid scene changes using minimal prop/ clothes modifications, played by two young and two fatherly figures, three of which are flighty liberal gays( Hillary is “honest”, Trump is “bad”) and one intellectual...continued

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Don and Bob
Review from Don and Bob
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Acting was fine and the writing was too. Some very funny and poignant moments. The one problem I had was too may black outs to change or move the scenes. It became distracting.

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Terri Sullivan
Review from Terri Sullivan
16 events 9 reviews

Boys a certain age was very well done and the actors were phenomenal...the older actors were very believable...the 2 younger actors had a lot of energy...

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Review from Rube
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Far too preachy and the acting by the younger actors was quite awful.

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Review from thadd
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Too political

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Marianne Coros
Review from Marianne Coros
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Gisbert Heur , the lead actor, was phenomenal!

The timely topics presented made for a very fast paced and enjoyable evening.

I would highly reccomend

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Erika Scotti
Review from Erika Scotti
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Last night I had the honor of seeing the preview performance of Boys of a Certain Age. Productions at the Empire Stage NEVER disappoint and last night rang true. The play was written beautifully showing wit along with thought provoking issues. The...continued

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Steven Lederman
Review from Steven Lederman
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Top notch acting, a great script, and intimate setting made this a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the theatre. I look forward to seeing more shows at the Empire Stage.

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