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Patricia Johnson
Review from Patricia Johnson
Red Velvet 46 events 24 reviews

My friends and I loved this play. It was fun and funny. The actors got the characters down and the singing was right on.

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dennis ensminger
Review from dennis ensminger
Red Velvet 36 events 4 reviews

As usual, this was such an enjoyable play. The acting, humor, costumes and theater were excellent. I especially love the intimate ambiance of the Maverick theater and the quality of plays presented there. You can sense the love just being able to...continued

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Mark Johnson
Review from Mark Johnson
214 events 111 reviews

Wow! Such a fun evening! Everyone in the cast was amazing and did a great job with the singing and comedy. Several people played multiple parts, and even that became part of the parody. There was a great energy from the cast, and it added to...continued

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Brenda Brubaker
Review from Brenda Brubaker
182 events 103 reviews

I brought my nephew and his girlfriend and we really loved the production. It was a lot of fun, and as people have said, if you know the original books, movies, etc., you will enjoy more of the jokes. It looks like most of our audience by a show...continued

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Linda Pickle
Review from Linda Pickle
73 events 57 reviews

Had a lot of fun. Great cast, excellent singing. Loved all the comedy skits throughout the performance. A fan of Tolkein and he would also laugh at this performance.

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Kelly Duir
Review from Kelly Duir
143 events 40 reviews

This show has many comedic elements , and amazing singers. You don’t need to know the movie. Great acting, comedy, dancing, chases, and laugh riot. So much fun!!

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Review from Billie
44 events 37 reviews

Hubby read this series of books way back when he was 11 and has always loved the story. We have seen several 'variations' of movies over the years. Hubby loves them and I think they are good except for the evil and bad teeth. Mom has only seen a...continued

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Review from Hollisjaye
64 events 12 reviews

I want to run away with this show. A giddy, delirious, full volume ode to the first book (and first movie) in the infamous trilogy. All the favorite characters are here, well-voiced with catchy tunes and backed with live musicians. There's a bit...continued

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Chuck Anderson
Review from Chuck Anderson
32 events 11 reviews

Great productions at Maverick Theater!

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Lorraine Marino
Review from Lorraine Marino
34 events 11 reviews

If you love Lord of the Rings you will really enjoy this show. It was hilarious and had a great cast of characters. I don’t think the Maverick Theater has ever put on a show that was super awesome!

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Catherine Spear
Review from Catherine Spear
31 events 8 reviews

Wonderful, giddy send-up of the Fellowship of the Ring! And the stage was packed with talent. Highly recommend this show.

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Kris Klopfenstein
Review from Kris Klopfenstein
14 events 6 reviews

This show was advertised as appropriate for audience members age 7 and above. If I’d had a 7-year-old with me, I’d have walked them out almost immediately. The show is very funny, but definitely has adult content. Please be more careful about how...continued

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Kristi Daniels
Review from Kristi Daniels
19 events 3 reviews

What a delight to find this gem of a theatre in Fullerton. Great show and amazing cast, I was laughing so hard I was crying.

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Mary Lee
Review from Mary Lee
5 events 2 reviews

Although this is a low budget musical, the performance was fabulous! Actors played multiple roles and the character transition was seamless. You don't need to watch the movie to watch the play, but if you did, the jokes would make more sense and...continued

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Beep Colclough
Review from Beep Colclough
10 events 2 reviews

So much fun! The cast was quite creative and the props were hysterical! Musical/vocal talent and quality far beyond the price of tickets. I haven’t seen my husband laugh like that in a long time! Close to Fullerton’s new restaurants. Great night out.

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Barbara Collins
Review from Barbara Collins
25 events 2 reviews

Very funny. When I saw the 2 women standing opposing each other with their arms stretched out, I couldn't figure out what it was. Then the 2 little boats appeared going between them and I almost fell off my chair! The horse chase thru the audience...continued

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Tina Lei Thompson
Review from Tina Lei Thompson
3 events 1 review

A must-see for anyone who has seen Fellowship of the Ring. If you didn’t love the movie, you will still love this musical parody. If you loved the movie, you will be obsessed with this hysterical show. This was my fourth time seeing it. The three...continued

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