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Linda Gray Peterson
Review from Linda Gray Peterson
Red Velvet 136 events 63 reviews

Veerryyyy Sllooowwww and ddrruuugggoouuutttt!

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Gardnar O'Brien
Review from Gardnar O'Brien
Red Velvet 37 events 19 reviews

Stages is always a nice setting and the staff is very courteous. This is an interesting story with some twists. Both my wife and I were pleased. The actors portraying the main characters, Katha and Ryu, were good but we really enjoyed the...continued

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Elaine Jones
Review from Elaine Jones
86 events 62 reviews

Although the 2 male actors' voices were good and loud and could be heard clearly, Unfortunately the 2 lady actors did not speak loud enough to be heard most of the time which made it difficult to follow the story. The Director should be made...continued

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Dianne Martinez
Review from Dianne Martinez
105 events 44 reviews

I don't want to start off negative because I have been to Stages and seen some pretty funny plays however I feel the description of the play (which is what caught my interest) and what the play really was about was 2 different things. I brought 7...continued

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Rae B. Harper
Review from Rae B. Harper
122 events 39 reviews

It was different - good acting

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Review from DanT
53 events 17 reviews

Very thought provoking play with a couple unexpected twists. With only five actors and minimal sets, the actors have to carry the script, which they do...Stages consistently offers great community theatre experiences...well done!

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Review from Hollisjaye
63 events 12 reviews

Well-acted dramedy satirizing and illuminating our post-modern condition.

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Charles F
Review from Charles F
41 events 9 reviews

The acting was very good, the script wasn't so good.

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Review from Mary
32 events 7 reviews

Vulgar and offensive. We walked out. Stages seated us in the top row, which doesn’t have any seats—it’s just a wooden board—even though we purchased the medium priced tickets. We have seen some good shows there in the past, but now we are never...continued

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Review from Patty
39 events 4 reviews

Plenty of parking. Numerous great restaurants in the area. Nice venue. Play was great. Actors incredible..especially the "cult" recruiter. Thought provoking play. Very enjoyable experience.

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George Rost
Review from George Rost
6 events 3 reviews

Cast does a good job. Strong first act followed by a weak second act

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chris o'connell
Review from chris o'connell
52 events 3 reviews

Complex, multifaceted and richly explored themes, scores of relevant, quick paced and telling set changes, superb lighting effects to aptly focus attention and adjust moods, top notched script and acting by all, this is one not to miss.

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Pat Schneider
Review from Pat Schneider
2 events 1 review

I loved the theater. I want to go again.

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Laura Labuda
Review from Laura Labuda
2 events 1 review

I was duped! I thought it was 1955 nostalgic contrasting today’s culture. I thought would be fun and clever. It was in the first half. The second have duped me and, I believe others as well. It turned into a 1955 homosexual identity struggle....continued

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Beatrice Corapci
Review from Beatrice Corapci
2 events 1 review

Our expectations were a little different We are very open minded about the life we live in and accepting of different relationships, however I do think the description of the script should have opened the door just a little more on the performance...continued

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