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Kris Nicholas
Review from Kris Nicholas
115 events 56 reviews

Didn't know what to expect going in, but it turned out to be a great choice for a night out. The show had me cracking up and the special effects can't be beat!! I recommend to anyone who enjoys a good laugh and doesn't take things to seriously.

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Review from Susanne
94 events 50 reviews

Lots of fun. This is good for the wole family.

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Review from Billie
44 events 37 reviews

Our first time to this theater was to see Eleanor (loved it) and decided this theater would be on our 'repeat' list because the staff was so great.
We had not seen, or heard of the movie, BUT hubby enjoys sci-fi-ish shows and I thought this would...continued

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Fran Chrisman Tracy
Review from Fran Chrisman Tracy
107 events 27 reviews

Great fun! Loved it! I'd go again next weekend. So funny.

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Bill Vallely
Review from Bill Vallely
47 events 24 reviews

The Producers wisely kept the P9FOS' running time down to a bit over an hour. That the show didn't outlive it's welcome is something of a miracle.

One way they kept the show moving was not to depend entirely on the film's "Wooden" text (pun...continued

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Ismael Deshaun
Review from Ismael Deshaun
135 events 23 reviews

you going to a play like this knowing that they are doing a play about a terrible movie made by Ed Wood. This is going to be funny, you're going to laugh that's terrible dialogue and go home and have a nice day. IT had a lot more than that and I...continued

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rick merwin
Review from rick merwin
47 events 22 reviews

Fun, short, worth going!!

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Crystal T Medina
Review from Crystal T Medina
25 events 22 reviews

I guess it would have helped to have seen the original movie to understand the theme because I was lost through the whole thing... didn't find it very funny but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. Crowd was lively and staff were awesome. All...continued

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Susan S
Review from Susan S
28 events 20 reviews

Great entertainment - laughed out loud throughout the entire performance. The Maverick's production successfully mirrored Ed Wood's film down to the hokey special effects. Thoroughly enjoyable production. If you have the chance to see it - go.

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Review from Sylvia
41 events 19 reviews

Terrrrrifically horrrrrrifying, still shiverrrrrrring from the terrrrrrror....

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Review from johnnyd23
29 events 17 reviews

Food poisoning the evening before couldn't stop me from seeing this show. Although my strength had been sapped, I was able to attend Plan 9 and thoroughly enjoyed the play.
I had seen the original movie from Ed Wood and even though the movie is...continued

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Review from MichaelD
26 events 14 reviews

Another great production from the Maverick Theater!

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Review from MichaelD
26 events 14 reviews

I’ve seen this play each year for the past 5 years. It has been outstanding every year. The cast adds a few tweaks each year that keeps the play fresh. Absolutely a must see!!

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Review from MichaelD
26 events 14 reviews

Plan 9 was deliciously bad!! Had a wonderful time all around!

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Larry Brown
Review from Larry Brown
30 events 14 reviews

This was a fun take on one of the worst movies ever made. In spite of their best efforts the Maverick Theatre gave a better performance than we got from the original film. I'd be interested in seeing them do adaptations on some of Ed Wood's other...continued

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David J.
Review from David J.
56 events 14 reviews

This was our second time to the Maverick Theater (we saw Amadeus earlier in the year and really enjoyed it) so we knew it was a small theater. We also knew that the play was based on a really really bad film (Bela Lugosi's last movie role) by Ed...continued

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Review from Sandra
40 events 13 reviews

Such a fun and entertaining show. Took my grandchildren - ages 6, 7, 12 & 14 and they all loved it. Warmed my heart to hear them laughing. Great show!

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martin scharff
Review from martin scharff
368 events 12 reviews

Another absolute blast , run to see it

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Victoria Levin
Review from Victoria Levin
25 events 12 reviews

I laughed and laughed! It was so much fun!!!

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Lorraine Marino
Review from Lorraine Marino
34 events 12 reviews

It was a great show! Super funny.

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