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Paul Barrie
Review from Paul Barrie
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This was AWESOME! Fans of the movie will LOVE the purposefully cheesy acting and low-budget special effects. I wouldn't change anything about this wonderful production! We are looking forward to seeing "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" next month!

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Review from Joy
33 events 11 reviews

This was our first time to the Maverick Theater. What a great little venue! Not a bad seat in the house. The staff is very personable.

Plan 9 was hilarious! We've both seen the movie many times and have wondered how it didn't end up on...continued

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Khanh V. Bull
Review from Khanh V. Bull
18 events 11 reviews

We really enjoyed the play from beginning to the end. It's affordable and comfortable. We will do it again in future. It's right in our budget and that was something we really needed to take break for our hard working life. Thank you.

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Greg Garcia
Review from Greg Garcia
30 events 10 reviews

My wife and I saw Plan 9 From Outer Space last night. This is a must see. It was showing at the Maverick Theater in Fullerton. It is a play based on the worst movie ever made, and the play does it justice. It is funny x 10. You will laugh...continued

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Review from DBlackley
15 events 8 reviews

Great campy fun!! Great acting and wonderful special effects.

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Elizabeth Haun
Review from Elizabeth Haun
51 events 7 reviews

Funniest play I've seen in a long time.

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Stefani Sanatar
Review from Stefani Sanatar
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This is Year 2 for me and after the show I told one of the actors I like the additions this year. She said which ones. I told her and she said those are the same from last year that most people cannot recall every joke there is just so much ...continued

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Review from Karen
45 events 6 reviews

Cast was all quite good

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Review from Brenda
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Review from Ross
39 events 6 reviews

Very entertaining! Great Cast!!!

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Review from Kato
24 events 5 reviews

Funny over-the-top re-creation of the worst movie of all-time! It's a one-act play, so just the right amount of time before it can get "too long". Small theatre where every seat is a great view. Always enjoy the productions at Maverick Theatre.

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Review from BStephens
13 events 5 reviews

Very Fun! Cast is Crazy Good!

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Review from PanchitaVilla
29 events 5 reviews

You have to know Ed Wood and his views (or lack thereof) to really enjoy this at its fullest. It was absolutely entertaining and fun, more than what we expected!

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Michael Worley
Review from Michael Worley
12 events 4 reviews

Maverick Theater invites us to come with our expectations low for this staging of what's considered one of the worst films of all times. Well, knowing Maverick's reputation, I came with high expectations and they were met. As a fan of Ed Wood and...continued

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Review from 92606
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Really funny and energetic-the zombified police commissioner was spot on!

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David Ehl
Review from David Ehl
9 events 3 reviews

A very funny and entertaining time, I went wiht my 23 year old daughter show loved it and laughed very hard.

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Review from O'Connell
28 events 3 reviews

Apparently the Maverick theater has been doing this play the last few years and will be doing it again next year, good, as I will be planning on going again next year. Hilariously funny! What a great night! I hope it will be the same great "bad"...continued

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Review from michellelema
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Hilarious and really clever in the presentation. The cast was fantastic all the way through!

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Review from rdc_Norco
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I laughed most of the way through the show. The presentation was perfect and the cast was a lot of fun. Thank You Maverick Light and Magic.

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Review from Ami
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My bf thought it was a very good rendition. I never saw the movie but thought the actors were very funny and spirited.

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