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Katie Barraza
Review from Katie Barraza
9 events 3 reviews

So much fun and very campy!!!!!

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Julian C
Review from Julian C
18 events 3 reviews

The show was appropriately campy and ridiculous. A great time!

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Review from Rootbeerrn
15 events 3 reviews

This play was pretty darn funny. the actors did a great job of portraying the ridiculousness of the original movie on a very small stage. I laughed throughout.

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Richard Gelling
Review from Richard Gelling
3 events 2 reviews

Ed Wood was quirky and his movie, Plan 9 From Outer Space,
attests to that. Saw that movie and the movie Ed Wood (my husband was an extra, meeting all the names from Depp to Burton!). This play was such a wonderful farce of the original! ...continued

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Beverly Mejia
Review from Beverly Mejia
23 events 2 reviews

Great production as all Maverick Theater productions are. The actord were great and the effects were hilarious. Overall a side-splitting fun time.

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Mark Vornholt
Review from Mark Vornholt
33 events 2 reviews

Great, campy, fun. I love The Maverick - they, always do a great job and this was no exception. I was particularly impressed with the ingenious special effects. If you're a fan of the movie (and seriously, you should be) you're going to love this...continued

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Michelle Evans
Review from Michelle Evans
8 events 2 reviews

Haven't laughed so hard since I watched the original Ed Wood movie!

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Review from Rick
43 events 2 reviews

I brought my wife and son to an evening at this cool little theater. Actors were phenomenal. There treatment of this old movie was classic. Loved how they integrated part of the original movie into their props. My son is 15 and generally avoids...continued

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Review from Katy
7 events 2 reviews

It's 1hour in a great location so you have time and many selections for dinner before or after. Great date night idea!

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Review from Marzy
4 events 2 reviews

The play is over-the-top ridiculously senseless with dead beat satire comedy. Best described as stupid dumb funny plots. So dumb that it's hilariously entertaining! Totally off the wall pointless.

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Review from Ron
52 events 2 reviews

Very creative. Laughed through the whole performance.

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Che Chereskin
Review from Che Chereskin
7 events 2 reviews

Very fun show. Actors were great and they struck just the right note between crazy and over the top.

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Review from scarabus
7 events 1 review

As a movie host who plays horror and sci-fi movies on my show, I can safely say Ed Wood's magnum opus truly came to life on stage at the Maverick Theater! Screamingly funny from beginning to end, I was sore from laughing my way through this great...continued

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Review from chicknpiza
2 events 1 review

Best parody ever! Youtube has the full original movie, helps to get the inside jokes, but my friend didn't see the movie and laughed through out the play.

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Rex De Long
Review from Rex De Long
3 events 1 review

Broad parody approaching the Broad premise of The Film. Loved every laughing moment. Monty Python would be jealous!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 1 review

Fantastic cant wait to see night of teh living dead

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William Henry
Review from William Henry
2 events 1 review

Fun play, but too short. The total show was just under an hour.

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Review from Jesseyhues
2 events 1 review

Funny and creative. Small theater makes it more of an intimate melodrama experience. Loved it and would definitely return!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 1 review

Highly entertaining. Laughed all the way through. Very creative.

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Carrie Webb Mather
Review from Carrie Webb Mather
3 events 1 review

Hilarious show. Loved it and recommend it highly.

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