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Review from Genni
Red Velvet 15 events 12 reviews

THE CROCODILE SINGS was beautifully crafted and engagingly performed by Joe Parrish. It gave the audience an intimate look into the soul of one America's greatest playwrights and had poignant as well as lighthearted moments.
The piece is...continued

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Review from Billie
44 events 37 reviews

I can't add anything more positive about the show than what the previous reviewers have already shared. It was exceptionally well done. So much so that it was easy to forget we were watching an actor. I thought it would be good to attend a...continued

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Kenna Morton
Review from Kenna Morton
38 events 18 reviews

Outstanding performance. Now it is time to go back and reread some of the TW books from my college years.

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Randy Liuag
Review from Randy Liuag
27 events 15 reviews

If you have ever pondered the power of theatre in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s you can get a taste of it this month in the Maverick Theatre’s production of “ the Crocodile Sings” an evening with that American Southern Bard who wrote the masterpieces...continued

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susan lin
Review from susan lin
61 events 5 reviews

The actor captured my attention and portrayed well as Tennessee Williams.

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Mehrdad Modjtahedi
Review from Mehrdad Modjtahedi
7 events 1 review

Joe Parrish knocks it out of the park again! If you are a long-time fan of Tennessee Williams, or have never even heard of him, you will still love this show. He gets to the marrow of who he was, and what his motivations were. Simply incredible...continued

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