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Review from Keithf4099
Red Velvet 77 events 49 reviews

Brian is so creative. This was an amazing production that all ages will enjoy. Great job Brian and team.

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Magda Richer
Review from Magda Richer
Red Velvet 75 events 27 reviews

Very clever presentation! Loved everything about it!

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dennis ensminger
Review from dennis ensminger
Red Velvet 36 events 4 reviews

If tickets are still available I highly recommend this play. It was so enjoyable and well done. This a a great theater and my favorite!

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Kris Nicholas
Review from Kris Nicholas
112 events 56 reviews

I cant say enough how creative this theatre group is. Of course the main draw of going to this show was to see how they were going to pull King Kong off and they killed it! The show was perfect and bravo to all players involved.

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Juliet Seagle
Review from Juliet Seagle
162 events 15 reviews

So funny and fun. We loved everything about it! We told all our friends! We love the Maverick theatre!

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Raul Rubio
Review from Raul Rubio
48 events 7 reviews

Very creative solutions to simulate a giant Kong in a small theater! Great balance between drama and laughs.

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Micah Delhauer
Review from Micah Delhauer
1 event 1 review

Really fun and imaginative production. Heavy on the cheese, but that's part of the charm. Being shown the live effects set afterwards was a treat. These people know how to put on a show.

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