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*Lavach *- Founded by four multicultural French musicians, originally from Armenia, Congo, Poland and Mexico. Their happy, warm and vibrant music mainly takes its roots in Armenian and Balkan soil. But they also like to blend their music with other repertoires, adding contemporary sounds to create unusual styles: Macedonian reggae-dub, Romanian odd-time samba, Algerian waltz, and psychedelic klezmer.

Vahagn Turgutyan – His guitar has taken him across the world on several tours and festivals as an accomplished flamenco guitarist, and he is also a student of Armenian folk music. From this he extracts the nuances he feels best fit his flamenco compositions, creating a unique and signature sound. Performing with Vahagn, will be Vik Momjian on bass, Jimmy Branley on percussion, Jivan Gasparian Jr. on duduk, and Zane Musa on sax.

*Sebu *- A singer/songwriter/producer based here in Los Angeles. After a decade of fronting several ground-breaking bands, Sebu is back on the scene. He recently performed his solo debut concert at the House of Blues in West Hollywood and will be joined by his new band here at the Alex Theatre to unveil a fresh set of sweet harmonies and bumping rhythms.

Since 1928, Hamazkayin has made significant efforts in promoting educational and cultural advancement within the Armenian community.  In recent years these efforts have evolved into various programs that embrace change nourished from the cultural heritage.

Hamazkayin believes that the Armenian culture’s openness to evolving world dynamics and its ability to embrace change while holding onto its roots has allowed it to adapt and survive. This progressive sound of the culture will showcase its prowess musically on stage when Hamazkayin Armenian Cultural and Educational Society presents its “Mosaic III Concert.”

Similar to Mosaic I and II, the Mosaic III concert will be held at the Alex Theatre. The evening will be hosted by actress/ playwright Lory Tatoulian and comedian Voki Kalfayan.  Mosaic III performers include Lavach, a French-Armenian band from France, electro-rock artist Sebu and flamenco guitarist Vahagn Turgutyan and his band.


The objective of Hamazkayin’s Mosaic concerts is to celebrate the diverse sounds of the culture and its progression today by introducing and promoting the broad range of musical talents of young Armenians.  Mosaic is an opportunity to promote and instill cultural appreciation through the integration of melodies, music, and lyrics from the past with revolutionized means of expression.


The evening will prove to be a mosaic of musical genre and style, in both Armenian and English. Within the framework of a single concert, the audience will hear voices echoing from the distant past through the postmodern future. Whether it is the multicultural fusion created by French band, Lavach, or flamenco guitarist Vahagn Turgutyan’s compositions that incorporate the ancient duduk, performed by Jivan Gasparian Jr., or Sebu’s sweet harmonies and bumping rhythms, this borderless yet ethnic presence, created by young Armenians from various generations of immigrant families will come to life in a celebration of Armenian sound.

The creation of an annual “Mosaic” concert is part of Hamazkayin’s goal to develop programs that will pique the interest of young Armenians and encourage their participation, while instilling in them a cultural identity.  The two Mosaic Concerts were able to introduce to the community the musical talents of our youth and provide these up-and-coming talents the exposure that has already proven to benefit their future success. 

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