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Review from BP
Red Velvet 119 events 83 reviews

The casting was brilliant for Murder on the Nile. All the actors were outstanding. This is a very good mystery with an unexpected plot twist, as one might expect from an Agatha Christie stage play. Fantastic show - highly recommended!!

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Review from Carol
26 events 6 reviews

Although the acting was very good, some of the characters were difficult to understand, whether because of dialect or volume of their individual voices. Also, I found the seating to be very uncomfortable in the theater. However, I don’t know of...continued

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Jennifer Jacobs
Review from Jennifer Jacobs
22 events 4 reviews

I've been to this theater before and I love the close, comfy atmosphere. You get to have free little snacks and even cider which was great!

The play itself was good. Most of the actors do a good job though a few were just a bit wooden. The...continued

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linda lord
Review from linda lord
8 events 4 reviews

Play was enjoyable; however I thought the female voices could have projected better. It was easier to hear the men speaking. I was sitting in the next to the last row.

The theater itself is friendly, snacks are offered, folks working there very...continued

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College Planner
Review from College Planner
12 events 3 reviews

Very entertaining show! You feel as though you have been transported to Egypt and are floating down the Nile along with the excellent cast of actors. The plot twists make it very difficult to figure out “who done it.” Highly recommended!

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Ingried Kubitz
Review from Ingried Kubitz
4 events 1 review

For such a small theater and company, very well done.

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Ana Reder
Review from Ana Reder
33 events 1 review

Intriguing, well acted, twist and turn plot~this venue always delivers!

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Barbara Guden-Meyer
Review from Barbara Guden-Meyer
5 events 1 review

It was very a very entertaining "who done-it"! We also always enjoy the venue.

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