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Review from SA
Red Velvet 131 events 61 reviews

It was a blast! The food was actually very tasty and the entertainment
was excellent! The accoustics needs some improvement but it is really a fun time. We would do it again. Thanks Goldstar for making activities like this available for our...continued

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Review from kevharb
Red Velvet 133 events 41 reviews

This is good, cheesy fun. It has a bit of a Renaissance Festival vibe to it. The food was pretty tasty, although some dishes (especially the roasted potato) were rather hot and that was a bit of a problem given that you have to eat with your...continued

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Review from Deborah
Red Velvet 12 events 1 review

Took my niece (age 7) and nephew (age 6). They loved it and screamed and cheered the whole time. I think they were the best "Yayers" and "boo-ers" in the audience. We had a great time. The show, horsemanship, fighting were superb. We went...continued

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Review from PPH
41 events 29 reviews

I also did not know what to expect when I purchased my tix for me and a friend. We declined to upgrade but found our seats to be "just right" and could see everything that was going on! Yes, the food was very tasty and I was full by the end of...continued

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Roy J Spencer
Review from Roy J Spencer
41 events 26 reviews

I did not know what to expect and I must say that both my 8 year old son and I both loved the show. The food was good, a true feast! The only thing I would warn folks about is that you do not have to show up 2 hours early, as some sites suggest....continued

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Roy J Spencer
Review from Roy J Spencer
41 events 26 reviews

Well paced. Food and entertainment coincided and by the time you were eating your apple turnover, the good guy had won the battle. This is the second time my 11 year old son and I attended this event in the last 3 years. We enjoyed it even more...continued

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Review from Thergard
55 events 25 reviews

They have redone the story in the last 6 months, so those who have not seen it recently will have story.

Though I see that some did not follow the story presented, both my date and I were able to do so. The sound is not the best, however, so...continued

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Review from Irina
38 events 20 reviews

All our family loved the show! Good food, great performance and charming, medieval-like atmosphere! Of course, we bought the picture w/ princess that was taken right at the entrance and took many other wonderful pictures ourselves. We celebrated a...continued

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Review from sh1mmering
65 events 17 reviews

Great show!

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James L Morad
Review from James L Morad
34 events 17 reviews

It was enjoyable for the kids we took. But I think it could have used a little less talk and more action or activity, except toward the end when the fighting started. I also think it could have used more humor or clown-like sequences to keep the...continued

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Review from sh1mmering
65 events 17 reviews

The five of us enjoyed this event. The only thing were were not prepared for were the extra costs. After the ticket, you have the 'opportunity' to spend money on drinks and medieval trinkets before the show starts. The alcoholic drinks cost...continued

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Lynn Levendusky
Review from Lynn Levendusky
21 events 16 reviews

I enjoyed Medieval Times but it was rather expensive. On top of the admission price, I'm sure most people end up spending more on alcoholic drinks and souvenirs, especially if you get there early for the show. The food was OK - no utensils- so be...continued

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Review from MoJoooo
17 events 16 reviews

It was lots of fun watching the show and cheering for our knight. My 18yo daughter and I went and we both had a blast. The food was surprisingly good, except for the McDonald's style apple turnover for dessert. It's a lot of food, so set aside...continued

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bill ball
Review from bill ball
49 events 15 reviews

Good Food and Good Fun...well worth the Gold Star Price!

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Review from MoneyPenny
37 events 15 reviews

We took our kids (6 and 10) to this last Saturday at 4. They loved it! It is sort of a one of a kind experience but really fun. The food was fine but the show was really neat. While it says to arrive 90 minutes early we arrived right as the...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
38 events 13 reviews

The dinner was fine and the show was fun. The food was tasty, and exceeded my (admittedly low) expectations. Plus, everyone enjoyed eating with their hands. The show was tailored to children, and certainly had its dull moments, but was still...continued

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Mike Brown
Review from Mike Brown
82 events 13 reviews

The food and entertainment was good. The quality of the show has increased since I last saw it a few years ago.

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Jenna Jones Paradis
Review from Jenna Jones Paradis
22 events 12 reviews

The performers had lots of energy and the knights' athleticism was impressive. Our waiter was funny and set the tone for the evening. We went with 8 friends to celebrate my fiance's birthday and everyone got into booing and cheering the knights....continued

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Dean Tyree
Review from Dean Tyree
20 events 12 reviews

Very unique and entertaining!!!!!
Good food, Great Service.

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Review from LaVaughn
25 events 11 reviews

Don't pay for the upgraded seating in the front rows-all the seats are good. Your are VERY close to your neighbors, so consider not bringing in bulky coats and bags. The upper seats are elevated so you are not blocked by the people in front. You...continued

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