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Paulette Eisen
Review from Paulette Eisen
Red Velvet 122 events 42 reviews

Beautiful day and trip. Well organized and we were happy with our boat and paddles. We would do this again!

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Review from debwerner
Red Velvet 81 events 5 reviews

relaxing. everyone there was very helpful. a GREAT day!

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Review from Mark
134 events 70 reviews

This was a fun day drifting down the river. Start in Healdsburg and picked up later. It is just that. Peaceful, a bit of a workout, and an opportunity to sleep along the way after a little lunch. The staff is great and it's all thought out for...continued

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Review from Becky
59 events 39 reviews

Goldstar offers a wonderful price if you are able to go on weekdays. Wonderful time out in nature. Take serious caution while rafting, may crash into trees sticking out on side of river and rocks in the river. Serene! Tiring workout. Fun

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Review from Becky
59 events 39 reviews

Quiet time on the river. You can hop off your raft and swim too!

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Review from Goldie
89 events 33 reviews

A lovely, relaxing day on the river. Go!

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Barry C. Lawrence
Review from Barry C. Lawrence
42 events 33 reviews

An absolutely super stupendous fun day! Easy to find, free parking, very helpful and friendly people. The last mile (hour or so) is tiring but it is not as bad as you think when you finally make it back. Bring a good lunch, not too much, lots of...continued

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Review from Goldie
89 events 33 reviews

Great day on the river. The staff was pleasant and helpful. There was a very long wait to get back to our car at the end of the day; we had been promised that it would be delivered to the end point and it was not, but otherwise it was a...continued

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Frances L
Review from Frances L
57 events 32 reviews

It was a great trip. The shallow water (at least this time of year) made it feel very safe. The paddling wasn't a lot of work. Just want to point out that toward the end of the trip, people were wondering where the takeout was. Turns out it was...continued

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Review from kate
114 events 32 reviews

Pleasant river rafting with a slow current to help push you along. Pretty scenery with many places to stop and have a picnic lunch. The company was organized. Only problem: if you don't have cell service to call them to pick you up, you'll have to...continued

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Review from MF
98 events 31 reviews

Exceptional value and amazing experience! Definitely will do again as soon as possible.

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Serge Martial
Review from Serge Martial
50 events 31 reviews

Of course, at this time of the year, a little more water would go a long way to make it even more fun. Nice staff, questionable choice of rafts, nice scenery but a long wait to be driven back to our departure point. Would advise to do this on a...continued

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Joyce Rodgers
Review from Joyce Rodgers
55 events 27 reviews

It was longer than we expected. We made very slow progress on the river, so it was too many hours in the hot sunshine. The last stretch seemed difficult to finish. However, overall, we enjoyed the day.

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H Murdock
Review from H Murdock
81 events 22 reviews

Gorgeous setting and fun trip down the Russian River. I didn't realize it was going to be 8 miles of paddling however and my kids got pretty tired by the end. I loved swimming in the river however and the scenery is so pretty.

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Muey S
Review from Muey S
29 events 19 reviews

I'd probably give it a 4 1/2 stars. I had a wonderful time with my siblings kayaking. It was quite exhausting and it seemed like the whole time we were paddling non-stop and it took us about 5 hours to finish! There's no shade so keep applying...continued

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Jenny Johnson
Review from Jenny Johnson
23 events 18 reviews

as described. efficient, safe, fun....very nice!

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Linda Bruce
Review from Linda Bruce
35 events 18 reviews

We had a great time. the river was full enough and the temperature was just right. the weather was great also. The people were well organized. Everything went off without a hitch.

great fun!

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Review from lsayler
41 events 17 reviews

It was great fun for us and our canine. The river was peaceful and the scenery gorgeous. The hosts were very accommodating and pleasant to deal with.

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Agnes Riedmann
Review from Agnes Riedmann
35 events 13 reviews

Way more paddling than advertised. Inflatable boats with no rudder were unruly & required nearly continual steering/re-steering with heavy paddles. Pretty river; hardly relaxing.

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Review from Holly
22 events 13 reviews

We had a great time. Lots of places to pull over for a swim and picnic. I imagine there would be fewer earlier in the summer though. It was really hot - 102 that day. We were glad we had high spf sunblock and plenty to reapply through the day. But...continued

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