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Review from Moira
Red Velvet 209 events 169 reviews

Excellent production. Superb acting and an amazing playwright. We truly enjoyed this play. It leaves you with a lot to think about.

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Rhoda Pell
Review from Rhoda Pell
Red Velvet 514 events 101 reviews

Great acting direction and stage design. Disturbing play

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LA Theater Lover
Review from LA Theater Lover
493 events 319 reviews

Excellently staged and performed. This play makes you think--a lot. 90 minutes with no intermission. Free parking lot. No profanity but it is adult themes.

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Gary Booher
Review from Gary Booher
345 events 313 reviews

This play is very intriguing and extremely well done. You leave pondering what happened and what it may all mean. This is theatre at its very best. All around Excellent!

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Review from terry
358 events 188 reviews

The best way to rate this play is 'WOW'. The script will stay with you well after the play is over. Highly recommended, do not miss it.

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Bob Lentz
Review from Bob Lentz
109 events 67 reviews

This is a dynamite show with a fantastic cast! Don't miss it!

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Review from California
164 events 38 reviews

Great acting and interesting characters, but tedious story line. I liked it and you may too, but I can't recommend it for everyone.

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Servidor D Nadie
Review from Servidor D Nadie
39 events 19 reviews

Twisted! A lot of grey area. Excellent performance by the actors. You must pay attention to every second. Overall and excellent play!

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Review from Las
41 events 19 reviews

Well acted. Interesting play. Captured my attention from beginning to end.

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Linda Ralph
Review from Linda Ralph
36 events 10 reviews

I found the whole idea/concept strange and confusing. What was true and what was made up??

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Tselane Gardner
Review from Tselane Gardner
21 events 9 reviews

This play kept my attention and entire time. Just when I thought I understood the storyline, several unexpected events had me on the edge of my seat. A must see play that will stir your psychological curiosity and stimulate your emotions.

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