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Sammy Green
Review from Sammy Green
Red Velvet 245 events 178 reviews

For the first time ever.....i can say that i am agree with all the Reviews from 2 Stars to 5 Stars,,,,Bringing a big Masterpiece Novel to just an small Stage,,,need COURAGES...and Actors Co-op did it almost successfully.

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Review from Jim
Red Velvet 562 events 118 reviews

The British playwright Helen Edmundson has brilliantly condensed Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina into a manageable play that incisively lays bare the nature of the characters. And gives insight into Russian society in the 19th century. The acting and...continued

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David Pederson
Review from David Pederson
Red Velvet 48 events 18 reviews

This was so amazing.

It’s been a long time since I have watched an entire production created strictly through the power of the actors. They were magnificent and I was fortunate to find this play.

Wonderfully told, well paced, highly...continued

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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
434 events 406 reviews

It was probably too much to ask any company to try to condense this monumental novel into a work for a small cast performing in the round. So much of the vast majesty and deep themes of the story got lost with the minimalist (but inventive)...continued

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LA Theater Lover
Review from LA Theater Lover
474 events 307 reviews

Great perfomances. Beautiful costumes. No set or props to speak of.

Weird story. Long. Ends 2 hr 45 minutes after start

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Gary Booher
Review from Gary Booher
336 events 307 reviews

Well staged and acted with excellent choreographed movement, sound design and costumes. I thought the script and direction nicely focused on a few central characters from this episodic novel.

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Mina Ler
Review from Mina Ler
263 events 106 reviews

great acting.story played out well

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Review from jpies
433 events 79 reviews

Good performances. The story differs from the classic film in that it focuses on two characters--Anna and Levin.

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Christine Byrns
Review from Christine Byrns
95 events 61 reviews

The actors did a fantastic job with limited space and portraying a numerous amount of characters. It was one of the most enjoyable performances I have seen at the Actor's Co-op.

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Alyce S.
Review from Alyce S.
79 events 25 reviews

The staging, choreography and acting were all superb!!!

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Review from graciano-buchman
34 events 21 reviews

Adapting Tolstoy’s masterpiece to theatre is an ambitious project that rarely succeeds that transformation. However, the performance by the Actors Coop was excellent. All actors did a great job at multi acting, playing different roles, and...continued

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The Patrons
Review from The Patrons
893 events 17 reviews

Interesting approach to the famous L. Tolstoy's classic, talented group of young actors and we could rate it as 3+ stars rating..(Goldstar do not have this feature:) , also the play could be shorter ( 3 plus hours long..), overall a good job.

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David Choi
Review from David Choi
21 events 16 reviews

Great acting, nice unique setting. Enjoyed

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Nancy Pants
Review from Nancy Pants
17 events 11 reviews

The guy who plays Levin, the male lead, is astounding. I could barely pull my eyes off him - he alone was worth going.

The director is also genius - to have done so much with such a small theater and to have such fluid stage direction... her...continued

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Olga Carrasco
Review from Olga Carrasco
48 events 8 reviews

Beautiful production of a classic and complicated novel of Tolstoy. Story well told and performed. I felt like I read a book again. I am very impressed.

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Review from Natagian
14 events 7 reviews

I would give the entire production 6 stars if I could. Not only was the acting phenomenal, the lighting, direction, and music all complemented Tolstoy’s original work - culminating in a wonderful night out.

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Martin Collette
Review from Martin Collette
24 events 6 reviews

Terrific interpretation of the novel well acted great staging!!! Highly recommend!

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Review from tms
39 events 5 reviews

great acting - fast paced so pay attention!

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Review from Anne
13 events 2 reviews

The production was outstanding in every detail - all performers were at the peak of their God-given gifts.

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Jilda Akbiyik
Review from Jilda Akbiyik
20 events 1 review

It was a wonderful experience. The actors were incredible.

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