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The musical program was very inventive and well done. The musicians were excellent. the atmosphere was friendly and the service was good. The venue is comfortable. The orchestra leader was somewhat annoying in his comments and some of the lyrics...continued

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Review from Solararider99
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The place is great for music. Good energy all around. My only remark would be the food. I think the quality, taste, and overall flavor of the food doesn't merit the above average prices. But I can only assume that this is their personal business...continued

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The room was cold and the food was over priced. The drinks were fine. The service was ok but not outstanding.

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Review from CeCe
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The seating was perfect. We didn't have to wait at all. The food is pricey, but everyone enjoyed their meal.

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Review from amandapratt
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The service was great,and the entertainment was better!

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Joe Hui
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The show itself was absolutely wonderful. The food is priced about double what it should be and the waiter was pretty rude. With drinks and an appetizer we still spent $60!

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Review from Mira
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The show was amazing!!! Best jazz musicians in the world! and at such a small venue! Seats were excellent and everything was great!

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Review from Isa
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The show was great! Probably because I knew one of the singers! ;) They trick you though by asking 2 drinks or Dinner: food is expensive (minimum 13$ for Appetizers, 20$ for Entrees)and drinks as well...
I got myself some natchos since I was...continued

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Tyrone Pollard
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The show was fine, just a bit short but from hearing the second show's always run short.

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Review from Skids
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The show was great. My sister is undergoing chemo for breast cancer. Unfortunately she was not feeling well and was unable to attend the show. Any possibility of a refund for her unused ticket? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Review from mamochka11
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The show was great. However we didn't enjoy the experience. We missed the fine print about MANDATORY 2 drinks or a dinner purchase per person. It took a while to get a menu (which didn't look exciting) and some water. Most guests were getting just...continued

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The show was amazing! The setting was just right. I will definitely return to watch more. The food and drinks are a bit pricey. Overall great experience.

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The show was truly excellent however when it came to get the bill Catalina had added a $110 fake sevice charge to my bill! When I pointed it out they removed it without any explanation but still left a $.90 “US service fee” which they explained to...continued

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Review from Virtuous1
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The singer Oleta Adams was great. The food, drinks and service was loudsy and the prices were high. There was the admission, the service charge, the gratuity and tax. What we planned to be a $200 evening became a $400 evening and we were not...continued

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Review from RICK & MARTY
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The singers and musicians were amazing!

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Oleg Shklyar
Review from Oleg Shklyar
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The singer's are great! Unforgettable performance!
What makes me upset is the food you are not able to eat and the price for it... A plate of pasta & 5 shrimps, MY stake that I couldn't cut with the knife and left untouched + 3 cups of tea =...continued

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The venue was nice & the music was awesome :-)
I was a little disappointed with the food, I thought it should have been better considering the price.
I will definitely go back, but will only have drinks during the show. (This place is nice for...continued

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Review from amberlatrice
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The venue was amazing & the performance was unforgettable.

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The venue is great however, the manager on duty was an absolute misfit for such a fantastic place. He was an equal opportunist with his condescending tone and attitude. It is very clear as to why the seats in the house were not sold out. It's...continued

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Bill Greene
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The whole experience was excellent. We got there early and the manager put us center and just a few tables from the stage. The waiters were very nice and gave us water refills without asking. The venue is great for music, Lee and Dave and the rest...continued

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