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Review from geeseherder
Red Velvet 106 events 98 reviews

I'm probably the last person who didn't see the show in the 80's. Glad I finally got to it. Fabulous fun. Great for the kids. Recommended.

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Tina Graham
Review from Tina Graham
Red Velvet 36 events 26 reviews

Meeting some of the friendly cast in CATS costumes after the show was a highlight!
Pantages staff are friendly and helpful.

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Chad and Brad
Review from Chad and Brad
Red Velvet 78 events 20 reviews

Great cast! Well trained and young... great revival!

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Brenda Verrett
Review from Brenda Verrett
Red Velvet 10 events 3 reviews

The first half is a little boring if you are not a fan. The second half is exciting because of the hit songs and the volume. I was surprised that new technology was not used. I knew what to expect and I enjoyed it very much on St. Partick's Day

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Latia Hedgeman
Review from Latia Hedgeman
186 events 72 reviews

I enjoyed the costumes, makeup, singing and choreography. It was a very confusing musical. For years I wanted to see this musical but I don't know what I expected. This musical was all over the place and left me kind of confused. The Irish Pub...continued

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Erin G.
Review from Erin G.
96 events 46 reviews

Honestly I figured coming from Andrew Lloyd Webber and being one of the most well-known broadway shows, I had high expectations for this. However I found myself bored and lost most of the time. The only saving grace was hearing "Memory" which was...continued

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Deborah F.
Review from Deborah F.
76 events 41 reviews

what a fabulous show! the production and music were great! no bad seats at the Pantages so we had a very good view. thank you Goldstar!!!

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Pauline C.
Review from Pauline C.
47 events 36 reviews

Wonderful talented cast and lived the sets/lighting effects. The show is thin (to say the least) but there are extensive dance sequences for dance fans and the Memory reprisal at the end blew us away. BTW lots of kids but I think this is for...continued

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Review from j.hassan
54 events 28 reviews

difficult to understand the plot....was there one?

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Nicole Yu
Review from Nicole Yu
63 events 25 reviews

Musical mixed well with aerobatic dancing ´╝üfun and interesting´╝îlots of movement. The lyrics is humorous too. lightning was pretty and the venue was awesome. Of course of coarse the song memory is a must have!!

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Review from mdklein41
33 events 24 reviews

I enjoyed the musical. I thought the performers did a very good job. The show was a bit long and there was a lot of dancing. I have seen this play before and thought that, although we enjoyed the performance, this company did not live up to the...continued

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Review from carolyn
47 events 24 reviews

I never saw the Broadway version, but I understand it was much better. The singing was good, but it was very hard to understand the lyrics. Although there is a story line, I needed an explanation, because of the jumbled singing. This is not a...continued

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Megan Leonard
Review from Megan Leonard
45 events 21 reviews

Didn't get it, found it difficult to follow and kind of boring. Wasn't a fan of the interpretive dance choreography and found it very difficult to understand the words being sung in many of the songs. At some time near the end of the first act,...continued

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Beverly Dyck
Review from Beverly Dyck
47 events 21 reviews

This was my first time seeing "Cats" and I was disappointed! The first act was visually beautiful and the music was good as far as the melody went. But, we could not understand the words of the songs. Consequently, we didn't get the storyline. ...continued

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Susan S
Review from Susan S
28 events 20 reviews

I have seen Cats on a smaller stage and loved it but seeing it on the Pantages Stage was the ultimate. This is a show you either love or hate and it helps to know that its from a collection of poems by TS Elliott. The first act is mostly dancing...continued

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Review from Karina
29 events 19 reviews

Enjoyed the Musical, but pretty lengthy. CATS interactive with the audience, kids loved that. Make sure to take a snak, since it will be a while for intermission.

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Mariam B.
Review from Mariam B.
37 events 19 reviews

I enjoyed it, as I never got to see it in New York. I thought the choreography was excellent, the singers' voices sounded stronger toward the end for some reason, and the costumes were great. I went with a friend who had seen the original musical,...continued

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Dana Pugh
Review from Dana Pugh
39 events 18 reviews

Seats were awesome. We were in row S. This has been hyped up through the years, so I had high expectations. When I researched the musical, found it had no plot, but were just T.S. Elliot's poems converted into song.

The first half was not as...continued

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Lady J
Review from Lady J
20 events 16 reviews

Entertaining Feline Musical that is classic to Braodway! My favorite sing a longs were "Jellicale Cats" and Mr Mestopheles"!

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Juno Cespedes
Review from Juno Cespedes
23 events 16 reviews

First, what I knew about CATS was from my childhood memories of seing the TV commercial over and over, which it juxtaposed with my liking of the Saturday morning cartoons THUNDERCATS. I asked my mom that I wanted to go see CATS, which I've got a...continued

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