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Hudson Guild Theatre
6539 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90038
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Corn Bread and Feta Cheese: Growing Up Fat and Albanian, a one woman show, written and performed by Elza Zagreda, is set to open at the Hudson Guild Theatre.

Who exactly are Albanians and what does their culture look like to the outsider? Join Elza Zagreda as she unravels the mysteries of the oldest people living in the Balkans; so old, they speak a language with no known root! Follow her story: that of a fiery, outspoken eldest daughter of four girls who grows up in a strict Albanian household where women’s contributions are not only frowned upon, but practically non-existent. While coming of age, Elza must grapple with many other obstacles including body image issues, acne, bad 80’s music, mullets and having to hide shot guns in your underwear for special occasions. Directed by Vincent Marano.

Track Elza as she zig zags around the world?New York, Montenegro, Miami, Albania trying to escape her reality and establish her own identity amidst the restraints of her culture, finally discovering her own unique voice in a surprising place; the life and words of her great aunt back in Albania half a century ago. Elza¹s journey is that of a young woman mesmerized by the past who tries to carve out her own distinct future while living on the cusp of two jarringly different experiences—- an ?American¹ one filled with freedom, individuality and fun vs. a quintessentially Albanian world consisting of gender constraints, conformity, and tradition. As she attempts to decipher the meaning of it all, enter her wild world filled with thick-accented Albanian guidos, arranged marriages and small arms? a world where you’d watch people get shot at weddings out of pure joy, where’d you roast your pet sheep “Ragush” for dinner, where “male” is the only gender tolerated the wacky and exotic world of “Corn Bread and Feta Cheese: Growing Up Fat and Albanian.” “Zagreda is an engaging and gifted performer” — “Well written?the writing is superb and the storytelling very rich. I was quite impressed with what she did.” — Eric Butler/HBO

A graduate of Fordham University with a Master’s in Dramatic Writing from NYU, Elza Zagreda has worked as an actress in such venues as The Helen Hayes Theatre (sharing a stage with Vanessa Redgrave and Tim Robbins), Classic Stage, and the West End Theatre. She has also appeared in work written and directed by Eve Ensler and Ellen McLaughlin. Recent TV appearances include “Law and Order: SVU,” ABC-TV’s “One Life to Live” and she was also one of the lovely blondes featured in the 1-800-CALL-ATT commercial with Carrot Top. A gifted comedienne, Corn Bread and Feta Cheese was developed under the mentorship of teacher David LaBarca and director, Vincent Marano. She continues to perform her stand up comedy based on the play throughout various venues in New York City comedy clubs.

Corn Bread & Feta Cheese  An enjoyable rollercoaster ride, not to be missed!

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