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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 858 events 726 reviews

Great seeing this stage version. Really came away with a better understanding of the story. Super well done!

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Review from CKJ
Red Velvet 110 events 17 reviews

We all really enjoyed it!! Staging, voicing and acting was awesome.

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Adriana Ruiz
Review from Adriana Ruiz
Red Velvet 10 events 7 reviews

Amazing! Must see! The singing, costumes, the sets, the jaw dropping effects - all of it was spectacular! Grownups in the aisles ahead of us and behind us too - were moved to TEARS! I’m not kidding. I will start today checking on Goldstar daily...continued

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Joan Tabb
Review from Joan Tabb
54 events 22 reviews

Talent, sets, costumes all stupendous!!!

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Review from kok
41 events 16 reviews

The Best... so much fun and terrific staging and performances... would see it again if tickets become available..

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Marian Klausner
Review from Marian Klausner
37 events 15 reviews

What a fabulous show and better yet, Goldstar gave us the most fantastic seats. We were in orchestra, row L, and near the center. Could not ask for more. Cheers for Goldstar.

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Review from Garik
132 events 13 reviews

Simply Magical! Highly recommend!

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Barbara Minkus
Review from Barbara Minkus
65 events 9 reviews

My husband and were swept away in this magical production .The cast the ...staging... and the effects were all wonderful and electric...
It was hard to believe that we were watching
a touring company...I felt I was in NYC watching a...continued

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Review from charol
18 events 9 reviews

We were two "young-at-heart" senior women attending the play, and thoroughly enjoyed it, along with all the little girls dressed as Elsa! It was a great evening at the theater, topped off by the unexpected snow storm, which made those little...continued

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Adriana Mooney
Review from Adriana Mooney
14 events 6 reviews

The play was so much better than I’d imagined! Great sets. Costumes and the Cast. All magnificent! Thank you Gold Star for our 4th row orchestra seats!

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Lorraine Liebman
Review from Lorraine Liebman
10 events 5 reviews

Loved the production the scenes, the special effects & the talented performers. Very enjoyable evening!!

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Rebeca Villa
Review from Rebeca Villa
11 events 5 reviews

The settings were just like the movie, vibrant, full of glitter and color. The characters did a super job as well. I had two children with me and they laughed and clamped with as much joy as if they had been watching the movie.
I particularly...continued

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Jan Guerrero
Review from Jan Guerrero
45 events 4 reviews

I have seen many, many musicals at the Pantages, but Frozen is now one of my all time favorites. The stage production, the set designs, the actresses and actors that performed were superb. It was really magical!! I left with lots of awe, wonder,...continued

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Omead Hash
Review from Omead Hash
4 events 4 reviews

My wife and I went to see Frozen and we really enjoyed it. Great cast, and impressive visual effects. If you liked the movie, you'll love the play

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Leslie Oliver
Review from Leslie Oliver
11 events 4 reviews

The acting and singing was superb, of course! And the costumes the best ever! However, I have never seen such incredible staging, lighting and special effects!!! They were off the charts! This is a MUST SEE! Simply put a wonderful experience all...continued

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Walter Fuentes
Review from Walter Fuentes
15 events 4 reviews

Very magical! The cast was great especially Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff. The ending was so adorable ❄️

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Michael Ridderhof
Review from Michael Ridderhof
14 events 3 reviews

Absolutely fantastic. They cast (especially both the young and old versions of Anna) put a lot of vibrancy and fun into the show with their interpretation of the character, and the new musical numbers, though sometimes breaking the flow and pacing...continued

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Review from Marcella
30 events 3 reviews

Surprisingly delightful! Geared for all ages and the talent was amazing!

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Review from WendyK
6 events 3 reviews

Wonderful show! The sets were AMAZING! The voices and actors were so talented, highly recommend!!

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Dena Alexandra Glading
Review from Dena Alexandra Glading
6 events 2 reviews

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! The cast, the set, costumes, acting, singing and dancing was the best of the best.
Suitable for anyone who enjoys a fantastic performance.

Highly recommend!! You don’t want to miss it...

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