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Sammy Green
Review from Sammy Green
Red Velvet 244 events 178 reviews

It is more social gathering and drinking in a small,cozy ,classic bar, than a real magic show, but in general with Gold Star special, it worth it, but their regular price is so high and it does not worth at all. The magic was just basic and...continued

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Review from jb2000
Red Velvet 316 events 155 reviews

Super fun venue. The show was good (not especially noteworthy, but professional and entertaining).

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Johanna Vanderspool
Review from Johanna Vanderspool
Red Velvet 94 events 29 reviews

Wonderful fun! Great kitschy comedy, superb magic, decadent venue, yummy drinks!

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Linda Folsom
Review from Linda Folsom
57 events 25 reviews

From the cool location to the fabulous show, Live Magic at Black Rabbit Rose is fabulous! I don't want to give away any of the surprises so I'll just say, it's not your ordinary show!

There is a small bar just inside the entrance. They mix a...continued

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Sarah Bellum
Review from Sarah Bellum
357 events 24 reviews

Dark little bar on Hollywood & Hudson.
(Use the side door on Hudson). Small
theatre within the building is a perfect
size for this type of magic. Last night
a technical glitch, chandeliers on a lift
and lower system/released & stopped

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Review from roxy
39 events 20 reviews

Entertaining and interactive; surprising; exceeded my expectations.

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Marlene Osuna-Maza
Review from Marlene Osuna-Maza
30 events 16 reviews

Great Show, Great Service and Energy...Highly Recommended

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Asia Evans
Review from Asia Evans
64 events 16 reviews

Such a unique and fun experience!

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Sherri Jaye
Review from Sherri Jaye
19 events 14 reviews

We loved the show and the dinner! Had a lovely lovely time!!

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Terry Baliel
Review from Terry Baliel
48 events 10 reviews

The food was great! And 8 dishes and 3 glasses of wine came to only about $110! Staff was very personable! And the show was fantastic! Everything was a bit creepy and weird, but in a good way! and the tricks were amazing!

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Review from Sarit
50 events 7 reviews

Incredible! what a fun evening!!!!

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Connie Borja
Review from Connie Borja
35 events 7 reviews

It was a nice atmosphere. The magic was good and funny. Overall we had a good time. Drinks were a little pricey. Overall all went well and had a good time. The great thing is reserved seating the best.

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Ryan & Liz
Review from Ryan & Liz
21 events 7 reviews

We were blown away by the quality of the show, the beauty of the venue and the kindness of the staff. We will definitely return and recommend this place to others. The food was good not great (a few stand out dishes were the drunken noodles and...continued

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Review from Goldy
17 events 6 reviews

The four of us agreed that the magic was superb, and the talent related to the audience in a great way with funny remarks and audience participation. The VIP ticket was well worth the money. Also, the small venue is a plus

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Review from Linda
18 events 5 reviews

great venue, nice staff, and the entertainment was great!

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Mel Sunshine
Review from Mel Sunshine
17 events 5 reviews

My review is of the show since we didn't stay for dinner. Great show! We loved it! We laughed, gasped, applauded! It was a great time!

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Review from Guerin
11 events 4 reviews

A wonderful show in an intimate room in a tucked-away old speakeasy in the heart of Hollywood. Good performers, fun show, entertaining and amazing, good spirit and the audience left feeling good. If only the tour operators would suggest this...continued

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Bruno W. Zanotti
Review from Bruno W. Zanotti
27 events 3 reviews

Been once before. This time brought three new guests. It is as still unique and entertaining as the last time I went over a year ago. We had a blast!

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Review from Maria
16 events 3 reviews

Great show!

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Alena Perez
Review from Alena Perez
8 events 3 reviews

It was a great show, except I wasn't happy with the VIP tickets. They really weren't VIP, every seat in the room was was good because the entertainers perform on 2 different stages & walk around the entire room. And, the cocktail that is...continued

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