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Andrea Szeredy
Review from Andrea Szeredy
Red Velvet 264 events 194 reviews

The wax figures are very real looking - posing for a picture with any of them looks as if the person is alive & for real. You should have a friend/partner go with you to take pictures of you with the celebrity, & vice versa. The GoldStar price...continued

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Sammy Green
Review from Sammy Green
Red Velvet 245 events 178 reviews

I t was much more than i was expecting.It was sure worth it specially with Gold Star price.

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Review from B.P.
Red Velvet 903 events 167 reviews

Good venue. I'd been to Madame Tussauds in Vegas & it was similar. Staff is very well trained and enthusiastic.

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Mark Marcus
Review from Mark Marcus
Red Velvet 482 events 121 reviews

The new Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hollywood is great fun, and perfectly located next door to the Grauman's Chinese Theater. The half-price tickets through Goldstar.com are a real bargain. With over 100 very realistic wax movie stars and...continued

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Review from Brent
Red Velvet 109 events 106 reviews

It was a fun spent evening of almost two hours. It was fun to take all the pictures with the different stars and sport icons. The different interactive stations assisted in the fun with picture taking. I recommend this as a great family...continued

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Dan St. Ledger
Review from Dan St. Ledger
Red Velvet 282 events 53 reviews

Before I went, I really thought I was going to hate this but it turned out to quite fun. Bought tickets for something to do on a Saturday afternoon and it turned out to be a unique experience. Wound up taking over fifty pictures with the very...continued

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Joan B.
Review from Joan B.
90 events 61 reviews

If you are a movie or TV buff, this is a most enjoyable venue. We had a great time taking pictures of, and mugging with, the "stars". We went during all the Oscar preparations on Hollywood Blvd and it made it even more special. This is a...continued

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Review from Kathy
94 events 52 reviews

I like the museum - it was interesting and the figures were fun. Some very realistic. Price was wonderful. Had a great time but the whole tour took less than 2 hours.

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Review from Sandy
69 events 50 reviews

We had a blast! There were about 150 figures placed around the many rooms and floors. it was so much fun posing for pictures in lots of fun ways. There were people working there, scattered throughout if you had a question, but no one breathing...continued

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Roger Terrenoire
Review from Roger Terrenoire
225 events 46 reviews

Fantastic figures that look like real persons. Great and fun time with your all time favorite movie stars, sports legends, TV and Music Icons. Loved it!!!

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Matthew Valero-Katz
Review from Matthew Valero-Katz
78 events 37 reviews

It is a lot of fun but not a lot to see. They are still pretty new and so not everything is in yet like they are going to have a waxed hand demonstration where you can make your own waxed hand but it wasn't up and running yet. We spent 1 1/2...continued

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Kittie Encinas
Review from Kittie Encinas
38 events 34 reviews

I took my friend to Madame Tussauds for his birthday. Both of us loved it. I had been to the one in Las Vegas and expected that most of the figures would be the same but I was wrong. There were a lot of new celebrities and even the ones I had...continued

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Herb Kaplan
Review from Herb Kaplan
74 events 34 reviews

Pros: As opposed to other museums of this type, Madame Tussaud's lets you stand next to the figures and pose for pictures. They even supply wardrobe props to enhance the experience. The museum is clean and in tip-top shape. There is an exhibit...continued

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Caroline Velasco Gonzales
Review from Caroline Velasco Gonzales
70 events 32 reviews

2nd time here and just like the first time LOVED IT.

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Caroline Velasco Gonzales
Review from Caroline Velasco Gonzales
70 events 32 reviews

I missed it that's why I shouldn't have bought them so early lost out on $70

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Peggy Heidelberg-Dunson
Review from Peggy Heidelberg-Dunson
93 events 31 reviews

I had a lot of fun, my kids and grandson enjoyed it.

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Doris Nova-Volper
Review from Doris Nova-Volper
45 events 29 reviews

Madame Tussauds has found a home at last in Hollywood, California. I have visited the New York exhibit which is set up as a party & still felt a distance between the mannequins & myself. In Hollywood, Madama Tussauds is part of the culture. As...continued

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Larry Legras
Review from Larry Legras
48 events 25 reviews

Many stars are beautifully represented..and the minimal but interactive sets were great..bring a camera and good walking shoes!Justin Timberlake, Angela Jolie, Jennifer Lopez,were some of our very favorites.
Don't miss the examples of how the...continued

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Review from Beth
29 events 24 reviews

I was a bit disappointed with MT Hollywood. If you have been to the London MT and you are expecting something of that caliber you will be disappointed. The figures are done very well and most look like the actual people but there isn’t much there....continued

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Review from MO
102 events 23 reviews

Being locals, I saw the Goldstar offer, rolled my eyes, and said, "Well, I suppose we should see see what's in there." I'd been in the Tussauds in London, and the one in Boston, but was unprepared for this one. We had a blast! Yes, being...continued

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