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Theatre Asylum
between N Cahuenga and Vine 6320 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90038
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The lineup of plays includes: 

Red Flag: A date gone horribly wrong illuminates the differences between men and women.

Directed by Barbara Stepansky

Starring Jonathan Bray, Laura Parker, Timothy Ryan Cole, Maryfrances Careccia

Approx running time: 15 minutes

Place of Business: Paranoia gets the best of a gossipy woman who begins to suspect her hair dresser is lying to her.

Directed by Chris Comeau

Starring April Adams and Lena Bouton

Approx running time: 10 minutes

A Line is Drawn at Ruby Tuesday: A young couple attempts to break off their friendship with an annoying neighbor, with disastrous results.

Directed by Dean Donofrio

Starring Rebecca Lumianski, Sean Vincent Biggins, Annie Boon, Andrew Racho

Approx running time: 15 minutes

Whatever Sean Wants: When a boy’s parents find out he can sing like Michael Buble, they get carried away with dreams of a better life.

Directed by Warren Davis

Starring Wes Bernstein, Jonathan Bray, Lizzie Peet, Warren Davis

Approx running time: 15 minutes

Underage Overachiever: On the set of a reality show, cruel mind games play out between the show’s producer and her subject, a teenage tennis champion.

Directed by Dean Donofrio

Starring Rebecca Lumianski, Monica Baker, Warren Davis, Andrew Racho, Mike Shaffrey, Sean Vincent Biggins

Approx running time: 15 minutes

The Christmas Tune: Things get heated when a man’s obnoxious friend inadvertently disrupts his budding romance with a woman.

Directed by Jonathan Bray and Dean Donofrio

Starring Mike Shaffrey, Jonathan Bray, Natalie Palamides, ErinRose Widner

Approx running time: 15 minutes

13-year-old Wes Bernsten will sing the song “Reflections” to close the show.

Approx running time: 3 minutes

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