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Review from Anonymous
Red Velvet 606 events 342 reviews

Lots of gay fun!

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Review from anonymous
Red Velvet 473 events 39 reviews

show was cancelled

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Gary Steinberg
Review from Gary Steinberg
Red Velvet 1 event 1 review

So happy to have had the opportunity to see this top rate production. Excellent cast, pro production, and entertaining story with great music.

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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
434 events 406 reviews

A few strong vocal talents stood out, along with a well designed set that maximized a tight space, but the story of a small-town boy trying to make it in Hollywood only to be derailed into the porn industry before confronting abuses of power, the...continued

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eric silver
Review from eric silver
149 events 51 reviews

not bad not great

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JC De Pablo
Review from JC De Pablo
87 events 42 reviews

Great theme, wonderful performers, good music, good choreography, lots of energy and enthusiasm from the performers, great voices, we just loved it and highly recommended. Also parking was very convenience and afforable

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Review from Wayne
44 events 23 reviews

Rather than winking at the audience--this musical's subject matter being what it is--the actors SELL IT, giving sincere, passionate performances. I laughed and cried...and bought a ticket to go back! When is the cast album getting released?!

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Robert C.
Review from Robert C.
33 events 20 reviews

We found it very entertaining and enjoyed most of the singing and the Eye Candy. We thought however it was a bit too long.

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Christopher Luna
Review from Christopher Luna
41 events 13 reviews

Loved the show!!! It had a lot of great moments as well ass naughty ones lol

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Review from Pauljoseph
17 events 11 reviews

Taubert Nadalini is impressive as a young man who has to alter his dream. Being naive and young he gets caught up in a world that seduces him.
Karole Foreman and Michael Scott Harris bring the house down with their voices and the passion and...continued

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Review from thelooker
40 events 8 reviews

Amazing! I’m going to see it again.

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Stephen Bell
Review from Stephen Bell
38 events 8 reviews

Entertaining. Excellent cast.

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Mark Landres
Review from Mark Landres
43 events 8 reviews

This was an unexpected pleasure! The production team is stellar and so is the cast. I loved the songs and the performers all had great singing voices. The costumes even were a stand out! 5 star review!!

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Review from Rover
11 events 6 reviews

There is undeniable entertainment value in Shooting Star, with its perky score, attractive and talented cast, and a very slick production; but the style doesn't match the content. Act One's story of a gosh-golly farmboy who goes to Hollywood to...continued

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David Munson
Review from David Munson
9 events 6 reviews

Who would think that gay porn could be the subject matter of a musical? The cast was GREAT and the music fun. That is the word for this musical, FUN! Karole Foreman and Michael Scott Harris' voices knocked me out; but rest assure there wasn't a...continued

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Review from Michael
15 events 5 reviews

First rate production and a super talented (and attractive!) cast.

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Review from spamaka
27 events 4 reviews

There's definitely eye candy but it's so much more than that. It had really good performances and a few catchy songs.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 1 review

I didn’t connect with the characters. Sexy men but the nudity wasn’t sexy. I left at intermission.

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