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Mary Olivier Kamalski
Review from Mary Olivier Kamalski
Red Velvet 26 events 3 reviews

great fun!! don't want to give too much away..Host Larry was fabulous, and made it all very clear what we were about to do. Be prepared to do ALOT OF WALKING!!! takes anywhere from 2-5 hours to complete. Saw the city, made friends, laughed, got...continued

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Review from shawn
89 events 27 reviews

Wow, this was harder than the first one ! Had a great time running through the streets of Hollywood & LA.

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Review from ryanshervi
27 events 13 reviews

fun-der-ful! my team didn't win, but we had a blast along the way!

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Review from Amandie1989
22 events 11 reviews

It is just a fun experience! We did not win but we had a blast!
The event itself is fun and we decided to enjoy it at our own pace.
Will try the other races soon!

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Review from Francene
26 events 11 reviews

My family and I absolutely loved it. I am one to read reviews prior to attending an event and was sold on this one. I am happy to say that all of the reviews were accurate. We had a blast. We are locals and have never experienced so much fun in...continued

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Review from WingedVictory
14 events 10 reviews

This is a great activity to do with a group of friends. I celebrated my birthday with 4 other people, and our group ended up winning first place even though we weren't the first group to finish the race (I won't give away how this was possible)....continued

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Review from Travelcrazy2
30 events 8 reviews

A group of my friends and I did this hunt last sunday when it was pouring cats and dogs... In spite of the horrendous weather we had a blast! I can only imagine how much more fun it would be if the weather is not fighting you the entire way. I...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
11 events 7 reviews

We enjoyed the race a lot. It's probably a little easier than the others, so a good place to start for those unfamiliar with LARFs races.

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Amy Liou
Review from Amy Liou
18 events 6 reviews

Just as good, if not better, than the Amazing LA Race I. I'm a native Angeleno and still got to see parts of LA that I've never experienced. Hope that LARF continues to create more races!

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Dawn Ringer
Review from Dawn Ringer
21 events 6 reviews

We took our teenage children and we had a lot of fun. Definitely need to be ready for a lot of walking but you can go at your own pace. If you like solving puzzles and games you will have a blast.

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Tara De Lis
Review from Tara De Lis
18 events 5 reviews

Fun times. Listen to the instructions carefully and take them to heart. Do NOT guess. Think outside of the box. Make sure your whole team is into the game, not just going along for the ride, or you will become frustrated with them. It's a fun way...continued

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Review from kml444
8 events 5 reviews

My friends and I get a LOT of events from this page, and we unanimously agreed after this event that THIS one, The Amazing Los Angeles Race II, was by far our favorite one. Many of us have lived in this town for at least a few years and there...continued

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Review from Akamichpaul
17 events 4 reviews

We took my son and his girlfriend for their 20th birthdays and we had a blast - very fun and will be doing it again in the near future.

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Jorj B
Review from Jorj B
9 events 3 reviews

Super fun day! Great experience from beginning to end!

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Review from lafalil2
8 events 3 reviews

What a fun event! I'm competitive and was anxious to win! Overall it was a great day and I'd do it again. You never know what can happen...

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 2 reviews

A fantastic way to get out, get active, get energized, and get to see the city. A great competitive fun race that introduced us to different sides of the city. WE LOVED IT!!!

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Marty Jaime
Review from Marty Jaime
6 events 2 reviews

Had a great time, very challenging and a great way to see the city. Thanks Bob and Larry for a great experience, we will definitely be back.

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Grace J Lee
Review from Grace J Lee
32 events 2 reviews

I had a great time on the original Amazing Race LA and the sequel did not dissappoint. The clues were just challenging enough to push you to the brink of frustration, which made the moment you figured it out that much sweeter. It was more of a...continued

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Frankee Torres
Review from Frankee Torres
5 events 2 reviews

So much fun doesn't fully describe it. I only wished it was longer, until I realized we had been running for 3 hours. I signed up alone, and was adopted by a lovely couple. We ended up winning first place. I will do this race again!

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Review from Kenner
18 events 2 reviews

This was truly an amazing race. So much fun. Whether you win or lose, it's a great event to discover a particular part of town (or theme park) with friends.

Kudos to Bob and Larry for putting the LA Race II together.

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