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Paula Mitchell
Review from Paula Mitchell
Red Velvet 285 events 122 reviews

Toni Morrison is one of my favorite authors and what a treat to witness her first novel played with such an array of emotions. It was outstanding, especially the singing and although Morrison's work can be viewed as heavy, this version was well...continued

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Rita Ruffin
Review from Rita Ruffin
Red Velvet 150 events 75 reviews

The performance and the actors were superb. Very entertaining and structured to follow the story line. This play would be a joy for everybody.

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Beverly Young
Review from Beverly Young
Red Velvet 6 events 2 reviews

I enjoyed this play. The actors were phenomenal and the subject matter is one that needs to be told. Self love is important and many children are not aware of their beauty. Case in point Michael Jackson.

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Theresa Morrison
Review from Theresa Morrison
82 events 41 reviews

With Toni Morrison being one of my favorite authors, I had to historically witness the powerful adaptation of her first novel into a play. Friends and family flew in from Austin, Texas for this special Valentine's Day event. From the opening to...continued

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Imqueen Elaine
Review from Imqueen Elaine
79 events 34 reviews

Very riveting and great acting. It made me cry. I loved the way the story was told.

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Amina Humphrey
Review from Amina Humphrey
382 events 29 reviews

Brilliant theatre! Amazing acting!

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Review from 4Bostond
35 events 12 reviews

Parking was inexpensive, we went on a rainy day and their was a cafeteria when we could sit and wait for show time. Bathrooms were clean and because the show was dramatic there was a therapist to give us breathing exercises and a question and...continued

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Carole Eule
Review from Carole Eule
41 events 8 reviews

Excellent acting and staging.

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Review from Karen
50 events 6 reviews

Very good play I enjoyed it read the book several years ago and I think it was better than the book

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Review from Jewels
34 events 5 reviews

Bravo for a wonderful production!

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Kim Miles
Review from Kim Miles
5 events 3 reviews

The play was beautifully displayed with a backdrop that allowed me to recognize exactly what was happening and the main character's association with all things "good." I loved the unexpected musical numbers. The narration was gut wrenching...continued

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Review from Ladypj
14 events 3 reviews

The play's story was dark, but the performances we're excellent. It's amazing how they remembered all that dialogue. Truly enjoyed the performance.

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Nien Chuen
Review from Nien Chuen
22 events 2 reviews

All the actors were exceptionally talented!! Fantastic staging and choreography!

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Review from rossermond
17 events 2 reviews

Flawless and superb performances and direction!

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cheryl a De Bari
Review from cheryl a De Bari
18 events 2 reviews

Very powerful with great actors. Get there early to park. Nice small theater.

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Herbert Ortiz
Review from Herbert Ortiz
2 events 1 review

A visceral examination of the causation and impact of internalized racism. A powerful theatrical adaptation.

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Review from L W
3 events 1 review

Absolutely loved this play. All the actors did a wonderful job pulling me into the story! Big shout out to the amazing voices! Loved the intimate setting.

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Review from Joannie
44 events 1 review

Thought provoking
Relevant and contemporary issues about colorism
and plight of African American males

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anitha logan
Review from anitha logan
24 events 1 review
Lady M
Review from Lady M
6 events 1 review

Good production, wonderful acting. Great reminder of the beauty in Toni Morrison's words, and highlighting powerful themes in the African-American experience.

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